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Journal Journal: Working the day before Thanksgiving

This is the first time I have ever worked the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It is really BORING!!!! There is almost nobody here at work and it is creapy quiet.

I am pretty sure if I somehow tripped and hit my head on my desk causing me to pass out, that no one would find me until next week. I think I will stay out of our labs just in case I shock myself or something and am found dead next week.

But of course since there are few people here...few people will notice if I leave early.

Well I think I will try and suck it up for another hour or so and go home...

Journal Journal: My first Journal Entry

I have started reading other people's journals a lot lately so I figured I would start adding some of my own stuff out there...

So for my first journal entry I want to express my thoughts on the new funny/unfunny M2 catagories....

I really think that the Moderation System on paper looks excellent, but one problem that seems to be getting worse and worse is the amount of comments marked as 'funny'. It seems that the number of posts that actually have to do with the topic are shrinking and the number of funny posts are increasing.

So now it seems that there are so many funny posts that we are using M2 to determine whether those comments marked as funny are really funny or not. When I do M2, I sit there any hate saying that something is funny or not since it is usually very far off topic. So I have to determine whether or not is was funny and also meaningful to the discussion. I almost wish there was a third option for irrelavent. Something might be very funny, but it also might be outside of the context of the discussion.

I guess the problem really lies in the Moderation Points. Moderators should probably take more time to determine where or not a funny post is ontopic or not. And also the should take the time to read more comments that might be more interesting/informative/insightful before just modding up the funny ones.

Anyway I could ramble on about this forever...Hopefully I can find something better to talk about next time...

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