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Comment Direct purchase Vs MicroTransactions (Score 1) 372

Personally I do not like MicroTransactions. I feel like I am being Nickle and Dimed the entire way. However I do recognise that this is a way of getting people to "buy" the game rather than pirate. I would suggest that both "buying the game" and MicroTransactions can co-exist. ie I would LOVE a gamemodel where you could do the following 1 - Free Download - MicroTransations automatically turned on 2 - At any point in time the user can chose to "Buy the game" at the normal sticker price and will get access to all "MicroTransaction" content. Of course, when significant additional content (ie expansions) are added, this is not a microtransaction, this is another standalone product that has its own cost and microtransactions. This would NOT eliminate piracy, but it would take a significant step towards more user friendly business model and should enouch more people to play and buy (and no more f'ing DRM)

Comment Where can we complain? (Score 2, Insightful) 821

Shooting out the question.....Does anyone know where we can complain? I am not a citizen of the UK, but I need to travel there. And well to be honest, this is another example of Government going TOO FAR! So, where can I complain? I can not vote there, but I can sure as hell make sure that I reduce/eliminate my travel plans to that country. At the end of the day, they will not understand anything untill they see tourists/travellers numbers decline, revenues plummet....then they will maybe begin to think....err maybe we went a tad too far on this.

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