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Comment Re:Too little, too late; cancel not drop DISH (Score 1) 253

Nope, we are not dropping the mindless drivel of Dish Network but will cancel. Same as we did with Netflix DVD's during this last summer. It sounds so dramatic to "drop the service". If we find we miss it (Dish) we will resubscribe with a reduced package. From their end they just toggle a bit, right? Fall is here and we plan to add back DVD's. We just haven't yet, but plan to when time allows.

Comment Re: above post dropped from 4 to 0 WTF? (Score 1) 763

WTF? I just watched the above post go from score 4 to 0 with no follow up post. This is a discussion on fixing Slashdot. Don't you see, this is the problem. That a post can be modded up to 4 and then back down into oblivion is sad and an example as to why the quality of Slashdot has dropped over the years and readership numbers have declined. Well it looks as though Slashdot is well on it's way down the road to earning it's Darwin award.

Comment I run multiple browser (Score 1) 585

I'm sure I'm not alone in that I run multiple browsers. In order of use: firefox, opera, IE on WIn7. Nope no chrome. Yes android phone, but no chrome on PC. No Safari either, though my wife has iphone. Only use IE to handle my 3rd gmail account. OTOH I don't consider it competition. It is not a race to me.

Comment Will add back DVD's this Fall (Score 1) 349

I knee-jerked when they upped the rates, dropping DVD. After all it was the beginning of Summer. No time for a 2 hour flick. Time to be out side. Now that the weather is cooling and the sun drops sooner, I'll add DVD's back,...until next summer. THAT is MY business model. BTW Dish content sucks much worse than Netflix and cost $40 more a month.

Comment Replace Google with Wiki... (Score 1) 264

The Wiki has replaced Google as my search engine of choice UNLESS I'm surfing to purchase. Yes, the wiki has issue with integrity, but much less than the ad's on Google. Now if Yahoo had provided a better search VS desired results than Google it would be number one in popularity despite Google's better revenue return.

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