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Comment Test this! (Score 1) 440

Asking them to sit down and whip up a simple app in an hour is not unreasonable.
Otherwise go for a 90 day trail period or contract to hire.

But, you are doing it wrong.

>>ask them to solve it, and tell them that they can ask you whatever they want
Chances are, if you are the hiring manager, keyword being manager, you won't have a good answer to any important questions I have, and in fact will just give me bad information and make things worse.

This is software right? You do have a plan right? Just like the guys who built the building you are sitting in? Are you content to think that the guy who physically placed the rafters over your head was able to solve a tricky issues with those on the fly?

>> How they figure it out
Ya, now you are creeping me out, they figure it out with experience, intelligence, reason, knowledge, critical thinking, skill and intuition. Critical thinking is nurtured more in some cultures than others and intuition, a combination of all of the above attributes, is highly valued for some work.

>> How they figure it out
I don't' think you can evaluate that with a physical test, that's what the interview is for, to get an idea of peoples thought processes.

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