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Submission + - What the hell is going on with spam??

ericscottf writes: Are there any other people who use catch-all and unique email addresses out there seeing this?

I have my own domains and use google apps for the email aspect. It isn't perfect, but it's easy and integrates with the phone, yadda.

So as of the past few months, I've seen the following VERY interesting things happening:

1) Many of my unique email addresses are suddenly getting spam. I'm talking about zappos (not amazon!), ebay, subaru, and a few others that should have good security and have not released any notice saying their databases were compromised. This suggests that either they are compromised and don't know it or are covering it up, or google has been, or they're on a server somewhere that routes traffic between these major companies and google. I'm very confident my account hasn't been hacked. I use 2 factor auth and very strong passwords.

2) Some jackass is spamming catchalls (some friends of mine are seeing this) with garbage email addresses (total random junk like SD8JR43AMZ). This means someone has decided that there is money in spamming sysadmins? Nobody else is going to see these emails. If catch-all is on, the sysadmin gets them (and probably filters them for spam), and if catch all is off, they bounce. What's the point here?

It's all just very odd. I used to understand the purpose of spam, now I'm just confused.

Thanks for listening to me vent.

Comment Re:Thermocouple? (Score 1) 407

This *is* a giant thermocouple.
Aside from being stupidly expensive, anything you took out via thermocouple at the base wouldn't come out as power through the top.
Moreover, the heat differential wouldn't be nearly the same.
In essence, you'd be spending much much more money to make much less power.

Comment It all winds up as binary anyway. (Score 4, Funny) 728

How silly of us to be compiling to binary all this time!
We've been relegating ourselves to only two different options for decades!

I reckon that a memory cell and single bit of a processor opcode should have --at least-- 7000 different possibilities. Think of everything a computer could accomplish *then*!

Seriously, someone tell this guy you're allowed to use more than one character to represent a concept or action, and that these groups of characters represent things rather well.

Comment Re:Trojan time? (Score 2, Informative) 352

There are PLENTY of autorun.ini based trojans that spread thanks to many versions of windows insane desire to interpret autorun without asking. What's more, with the default settings, the victim would never even see the trojan files.

Even turning off autorun isn't enough.

If you're interested:

I set these registry settings on every family member's PC.

Comment Trojan time? (Score 5, Interesting) 352

The story of the thief who returns someone's goods with some opera tickets and an apology comes to mind -- when the victim goes to see the opera, the thief cleans out the victim's house.

Kinda makes me wonder if there's a rootkit on that drive for the purposes of emptying out this gent's bank accounts.

Also, wtf, no backups? ffs.

Comment Google is the only one that stands to lose... (Score 2, Interesting) 133

While I'm fairly certain that google doing this is the right thing to do, I don't see how this hurts China. It would be trivial (read: a matter of trivia, not necessarily super easy, but it has obviously been done before, and is a known process) to have a new emerging search engine for China.
Google could stay there and stay on top because they have the best product (for now). If they leave the market, something will fill the vacuum and profit greatly from the billion.s of people in China.
I don't think China has much to lose here, I'm curious as to whether or not someone has a good convincing argument to the contrary?

Comment As someone who never uses any IE.. (Score 1) 194

I see that I'm actually "running" IE 6.0.whatever.

I never actually "use" it (use in quotes because who knows? the system is probably utilizing components of it for something stupid, like image display or file searching or playing the shutdown wav file), and I keep everything patched, but I suppose I'm possibly part of the problem... I am wary of what updating to 7 or 8 would do as far as installing more stuff on my otherwise working systems..

Is there any consensus as far as whether to upgrade or patch when the user will --never-- use IE6,7 or 8?

Comment As a G1 user... (Score 4, Interesting) 198

I have to admit that I am somewhat underwhelmed. I got the G1 shortly after it came out a year and a half or so ago, and the touchscreen definitely falls short of what it could be. It is FAR less responsive than the iphone's, and the accuracy could indeed be better. I was coming from a winmo 5 device, so i'm still incredibly happy with it, relatively speaking.

So the big question is whether or not all the manufs of android devices are using the same screen/screen chips, or if android has a fundamental problem interpreting data off the screen?

Comment Re:How do you look at specific things with them? (Score 1) 152

So not only do you have the display, you need a telemetry sensor to detect physical movement of the device? You could do this with a gyro or an accelerometer, but moving your head and not your eye would result in false readings... unless there was another sensor on your head to provide difference data between head movement and eye movement... connected to the system as well... I guess it is conceivable. just sounds like it would be many years off before it were reasonable.

Comment How do you look at specific things with them? (Score 4, Interesting) 152

I don't have contacts, but from what i understand, they center on your cornea and move with your eye, right?

How would someone "look around" on a screen with contacts? Wouldn't the center of the screen always be what you're looking at, drastically minimizing what you can read and properly make out?

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