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Comment 4.94 GHz at 1.62V!!! (Score 2) 147

Insane voltage... the 980 is rated up to 1.375V. I'm happy with a i7-860 @ 3.6 GHz running on 1.2V.

Intel's made upgrading much more fun considering you can get a 30-40% CPU speed increase in about 10 minutes of research and bios tweaking. Next fall there will be 8-core/16-threads on the desktop. I am loving Intel these days.


Correlation Found Between Brain Structure and Video Game Success 110

kghapa writes "Still want to argue that video games shrink your brain? While video games have been previously shown to stimulate brain activity and improve coordination skills, a recently published study has directly linked structures in the human brain with video game aptitude. And yes, apparently size does matter in this case. Quoting: '... each subject received 20 hours of training to play a video game specifically created for research purposes, called Space Fortress. It's basically an Asteroids-type arcade game, in which the object is to knock down and destroy an enemy fortress while dodging space mines. However, the game has lots of extra twists that require close attention. Some of the players were told to focus exclusively on running up a high score, while others were told to shift their priorities between several goals. The result? The subjects who had more volume in an area called the nucleus accumbens did significantly better in the early stages of training. Meanwhile, those who were well-endowed in different areas of the striatum, known as the caudate nucleus and putamen, handled the shifting strategies better.'"

Comment The article kinda misses the point (Score 1) 82

While the comments here are mostly negative, I can say this is a big leap ahead for rendering technology mainly because the rendering is occuring at the hardware level, rendered on the Nvidia processors on a video card, instead of the CPU via software rendering. They are calling this iray and it's developed by mental images, not nvidia. While video cards are currently great at rendering games in real time, they require a tremendous amount of shader programming and only do this sort of rendering within the context of a game, instead of within a CAD application. They are also limited in their ability to render GI, area (soft) shadows and refraction/caustics. By passing the rendering from a CAD app to iray and onto the videocard hardware, you have access to 200 parallel processors, instead of the 2, 4, or 6 processors on the CPU. So in theory a 3dsmax/Maya scene that takes you 5 hours (300 minutes) to render on a dual core CPU will only take 3 minutes with your videocard's processors. With the use of reality server (and enough multiple nvidia cards all rendering the same frame), the 3 minutes drops down to 3 seconds. Personally I'd settle for the 3 minutes and I'd be damned happy about it.

Comment Re:Model M - Links! (Score 1) 523

You can also buy a Model M "clone" for a lot less money. Mine cost $15 from Keytronic a few years ago.

You do not have to spend $100-$150 to get a good keyboard. One modern keyboard that is worthy of mention is the HP keyboard that comes standard on their workstations:

The keypress has a nice feel to it, more so than any $100+ logitech I've tried.


Submission + - CRB decision will shut down Digitally Imported

fontkick writes: On March 2, 2007 the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB), which oversees sound recording royalties paid by Internet radio services, introduced substantially higher rates affecting every internet webcaster in the United States. Digitally Imported, a popular webcaster in operation for seven years, announced on May 1 that they would cease operations due to the new decision. The only way most internet radio broadcasters will stay alive is if Congress passes H.R. 2060, a bill introduced to protect internet broadcasting. More information can be found at the advocacy site

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