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Comment Pirates are good for the economy. (Score 5, Insightful) 133

few years back RIAA did a research to prove pirates are hurting their bottom lines. The research was finalised and it proved pirates spent more money on music and videos than the non pirate counterparts.

people dont realise that piracy in fact forces people who produce music and videos to give it their BEST to produce something worth while paying money for.

people pirate games, videos and music and when they discover the game is junk they dont buy it. same for movies and music.
if somone made an awesome album or a game then shortly after the free 'preview' alot of 'pirates' end up buying the game or movies for their collection.

Pirates have improved the overall quality of productions across the board because they DO SPEND money on good stuff and avoid the junk outthere.

But that research never made it the mainstream media because its easier to manufacture junk and try and sell it that try and make quality stuff. :)

Comment how the tables turn (Score 1) 407

Welcome to Obamanist russ.sorry...America comarades. in my country we used to call them political prisoners but i like your pronounciation better. Terrorist. the sheer unknown of what or who they terrorise alows for more freedom of abuse of human right. Love it. Shuld be more of it. Stalin would be proud of what the USA has become. lol

For a country hell bent on individual rights protected under the constitution America is doing sweet fk all to protect itself from the terrorist within its government. Even the 2nd amendment doesnt seem to be working as intended since it seems most of recent troubles and anti people agendas can be leviated by a simple revolution but no one is willing to go to gitmo for standing up and being counted :) :)

lucky we have avganistan to vent our anger on them 'real' terrorists ah?

Comment Re:There's no way this could go wrong... (Score 1) 176

of course not. once the proceed to human trials they can hook up people across the world like a movie called GAMER. you get to play WoW, EvE online, Sims, COD black ops WITH REAL HUMANS :)

plus you can have human drones alongside mechanical ones fighting your battles.

grab a wghole bunch of nobody prisoners, link them to some teenage nerds sitting in a room somewhere in the pentagon and let them go invade a country :) :)

nope. this technology is all positive for the human race. nothing bad can ever come of it. i mean look at how much power we produce from nuclear reactors. we get to light up whole cities :) :) (pun definitely intended)

Comment Re:If we're going to survive long term (Score 1) 352

hmm. Star Trek. nice idea but it wont work.
consider current Australian policies.
you get $5000 baby bonus for having a kid. The smarttest and brightest people are uualy the career oriented hard working people who are likely to have 1 ir lucky 2 kids on average.
the unemployed on the dole yobos are breeding like rabbits 4-6 kids.
now we have a recent OPEN DOOR policy on imigration that brings in peolpe wh cant speak the lingo, wont get jobs and are going to stay on the dole and breed as per their Islamic tradition.

as you see the gene pool for high IQ mates is shrinking.
with enough generations of this the prerequisite for getting into Uni will be to spell your name right.

so culling the lazy and stupid should be a priority you would think :) or at least means test the baby bonus would do the same :)

Comment Re:If we're going to survive long term (Score 1) 352

hehe. Im Australian, I dont give a fk who is leading America. we have enough of our own retards politicians trying to bring in the Green policies in play. or should I say WATERMELON policies as they are all Green on outside and Communist RED on inside. they curently have minirity government but hold the 9 key votes of power in the Senate and we have had nothing but retarded policies eroding our rights.

the most recent try to erode even more right is soon to be discussed in parliament is the ability to "BE OFENDED" and make it ilegal.

so if you called me a dickhead i can take offence to that and sue you for offending my sensibilities.

so give me a break bro its not only you americans having problems with the communists within we have our own problems thank you very much.

a minor victory recently was when the government went and abused some Occupational Health and Safety laws on asbestos to shut down one of the biggest rifle ranges in Sydney, look up Malabar ANZAC rifle range and see the shitfight.
a million or so more on a legal fight and it turned out they lied and abused laws not intended to be used that way to breach contract agreements in place between 2 business entities. if the judge ruled on the government favour would have colapsed any business contract by setting a precedent where you can dodge contracts based on OH&S bullshit.

Comment Re:If we're going to survive long term (Score 4, Insightful) 352

this would work if we only didit try so hard to babyproof the whole nation. stupid is what stupid does and eventually the really stupid ones get into the Darwin awards and help the clensing of the gene pool. But with stupid politicians at the helm trying to Politically correct the nanny state they are trying to create it kinda provides assylum fo all retards :)

Comment Feralas (Score 1) 239

we all know the best thorium veins are in the insect hives in Feralas and its a PITA to get them and compete with the other miners. I dont think the risk of making bombs is high because most people just bypass this zone and go for the endgame mats that sell better.

No one is ever in the caves mining thorium so there is no need to worry :) :)

Comment wipe you bum bum (Score 1) 322

Degree in CS or SE makes a good paper to wipe your bum with unless you have the experience to back it up or were lucky enough to gain a graduate placement.
No one will employ you without some experience so any graduate who graduated and never worked even part time in the industry they want to work in will find it hard to compete with all the other graduates who did part time work even if that was callcentre desktop support.

The name of the degree doesnt matter as all graduates would be lucky to be part of a development team straight after uni. Most end up in shitty jobs like desktop support callcentres to 'build up experience' for 2 years or so they can have the necessary experience to be part of a roper team.
Others end up maintaining code and fixing bugs. After few years they might get on the development team and by then the stuff they learned at uni is only general knowledge considering how quicky technology moves so they would likely be specialist in the stuff their company does but if they lost that job they would be once again behind the tech curve and would need to keep up.

At the end its all about what uni does what and how they approach and name things. The CS ones are ones with stronger ARTS framework and you end up doing alot of general stuff like Philosophy and Logic, alot of Electronics and hardware and heavy Statistics classes coupled with some crazy math you will rarely use as a programmer and if you had to use it likely it was already automated in someone elses library of functions or yo9u just google the formula and copy paste. :)
the SE unis are the ones with more industry contacts that do specific programming courses to get you ready for the job, they will likely have an internship with said 'sponsors' and you wont have to suffer through a 2 year help desk job to build up your experience.

if all else fails CS students should not be discouraged, they can come work with me in the warehouse as a labourer and load/unload containers all day. they 'good' computer skill will come handy with clerical paperwork and they will be a clerk for the rest of their carreer :) shit pay but at least you get undisturbed access to Slashdot :) :)

Comment Re:Vigilante Justice (Score 1) 182

i think if you can prove that you are class A nerd who lives on the internet and if that was taken away from you you would not be able to attend the 7pm WoW raid and this will slump you into deep depression and you are also prone to suicidal taughts because you are going to miss out on that purple dagger you have been working to hope to drop over the last 3 months then YES IT SHOULD BE SELF DEFENCE.

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