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PC Games (Games)

February 2009 Indie Game Round-Up 27

gametunnel1 brings us the February round-up of reviews for recent independent game releases. The top game this time around was Crayon Physics, which was also celebrated at the Independent Games Festival. Also scoring high were Ragdoll Cannon and adventure game Emerald City Confidential, about which they say, "The game is set in the mythical land of Oz, but not quite the same one as the movie/books. Rather than a cheery and fun-filled world, Oz is depicted like a 1940s film noir, so things are much bleaker. ... The highlight of the gameplay would have to be the gathering of information, via investigation of the environment or questioning characters in the game. Talking to characters for leads and clues is fun, especially since sometimes you'll have to figure out if what they're saying has any significance or not."

Comment Re:Maybe it does (Score 1) 165

How do you know it doesn't change that when you run it?

Considering the registry change to enable "DVD Library" is the same in XP MCE as it is in Vista (except it's called something different, "My DVD Movies" I believe, but the registry key is the same name), I'm guessing he didn't.

Comment Will this change anything? (Score 5, Interesting) 438

I'm not talking about the "will delaying the transition allow everybody who has been ignoring the constant barrage of ads to ignore them some more" debate. February 17 is (soon to be "was") a date all broadcasters must stop BY. It doesn't mean you have (had) to stop ON that date. A local broadcaster actually just turned off their analog tower yesterday.

I'm wondering if many broadcasters will just choose to switch over on the 17th anyway, as the ball is already rolling, so to speak. It'd probably cost them a decent amount of money and wasted resources not to go ahead with the original plan.

(I could be wrong; there could be wording in the bill forcing broadcasters to wait off.)

Comment Re:The speed thing alwasy pisses me off (Score 5, Insightful) 88

I have 3 MB/sec DSL, and I get about 50 kbs downloading. Maybe up to 100 on a really good day.

Are you getting that number from your web browser? Both IE and Firefox express speeds in KiB/s (bytes, and in base 2), whereas network line speeds are expressed as bits per second, in base 10. 3Mb/s is 3,000,000 bits per second, 375,000 bytes per second, 366.2KiB/s.

That's still a far ways between your numbers, but it does explain some of the difference. There is some protocol overhead at various levels to deal with, but those are relatively minor. Your best option is to use something like SPeakeasy's speed test, which will test your speeds, and report back in Kb/s (bits, base 10), and take protocol overhead into account, to see if you're actually getting close to advertised speeds. That way you're not comparing apples to oranges.

(If you are actually getting 50 kilobits per second, I am sorry, both for making assumptions, and for your sub-56k modem-ish speeds.)

Linux Business

Submission + - Top Linux Foundations Merge

An anonymous reader writes: The Open Source Development Labs (employer of Linux creator Linus Torvalds and Linux kernel maintainer Andrew Morton) and the Free Standards Group (home of the Linux Standard Base) have merged to form the Linux Foundation. The OSDL had recently reorganized and cut costs, so the move probably adds further efficiencies to both organizations, but also creates a more powerful organization expanding and promoting Linux internationally. Already, both and redirect to

Submission + - Wikipedia links no longer help your Page Rank

Mrs. Grundy writes: "Wikipedia has started automatically adding rel="NOFOLOW" to all external links in an effort to combat link spam. Since wikipedia pages are hip-deep in high page rank they attract the unsavory sort of character hoping to gain a little love from Google on their coattails. By making pages NOFOLOW they essentially deny conferring any page rank points from google and hopefully reduce the incentive to spam the pages with offtopic links. This topic has come up before and the community voted to remove the NOFOLLOW business in 2005. Will this move actually reduce link spam or is even the potential clickthrough valuable enough without the boost in Google's ranking? And how does the value of ranking sites based on links change as more and more popular sites start tagging (eh...labeling) their links NOFOLLOW?"
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun to use Intel

snilloc writes: "AP reports a source close to the deal says Sun will be introducing Intel based server products and that Intel will "endorse" Solaris. Sun will continue to produce AMD and Sparc products. Official announcement set for some time Monday."

Submission + - VBulletin abuse of power?

Anthony Boyd writes: "A representative for the VBulletin software product has revoked the license from a site simply because he found the material objectionable. He initally claimed it was due to violation of law until people started quoting the law to him. Then he said they revoked the license because it violated some "morality" clause in the VBulletin license — but people looking at it are unable to find such a clause. What do you think? Was this capricious or reasonable? Is it justified in law? As a VBulletin customer, how secure do you feel about your license?"

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