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Comment Re:WHAT FUN (Score 1) 106

Maybe we get crimea back, and russia becomes a democracy.

Who is "we"? Russia *IS* a representative democratic republic, Sparky. It's just as much a "democracy" as the US. As for the Crimea, the people spoke in a referendum, and unification with Russia won. Look, the Crimea was always overrun since antiquity by one set of conquerors after another; it got its ass handed to it when it was annexed by Russia in 1783. Then the USSR colonized it pretty thoroughly from 1917 on. Unfortunate, but no way is that going to be undone, any more than the seizure of North and South America from the natives by Europeans will be undone.

Comment Re:WTF is Qubes? (Score 1) 52

https://www.qubes-os.org/ claims (tongue in cheek) to be "Reasonably secure." Really it loo[k]s like they are all about the security, so this is kind of a big deal for them.

"All about security", so they insert "user ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" in sudoers, right? And a PolicyKit rule for anybody to do anything? And DOM0 is set up with no-password root access? I gotta tell ya, those are real head-scratchers. They have some great ideas, but I'm not sure they are living in the same world I am.

Comment Re:Boats that can fly (Score 1) 157

Anything lightweight enough to fly is much too flimsy to navigate the open ocean. A Boeing 747 has a skin gauge of 1.8-2.2 mm, and is lightweight aluminum. The hull plating of the Titanic was 18.75 mm of solid steel.

And the speed and range on water would only be a tiny fraction of the speed and range in the air, anyway. That said, flying boats do have the ability to float around for extended periods if they have to (like if they break down), and they can taxi clumsily on the surface. A Catalina landed on the water to aid survivors of the USS Indianapolis. It picked up too many men to be able to take off again, so it floated with the survivors until surface vessels could be summoned to complete the rescue.

Comment Much more impressive flight in 1929 (Score 1) 44

The Graf Zeppelin flew around the world in 4 hops in 1929, racking up a total flying time of 12d12h13m and a total elapsed start-to-finish time of 21d5h31m. The longest leg was Friedrichshafen, Germany to Kasumigaura, Japan; 11,743 km in 101h49m. The Pacific leg was 9634 km in 79h54m.

This was less than a year after completing the zeppelin, which was the first intercontinental commercial airship in the world. There were no breakdowns during the entire operation, and no unexpected stops or layovers. There was a full load of paying passengers and commemorative mail. Passengers slept comfortably in cabins, ate meals in a dining room, and viewed the spectacular scenery through large windows (which could be opened) from an altitude of only around 300 meters.

Contrast that with a cluster foxtrot lasting 2 years, taking 17 hops, and a total of 22 days flying time.

Comment Re:Well.... (Score 2, Informative) 140

There are residents in the Chernobyl exclusion zone who have lived there largely undisturbed and unhurt since right after the accident.

In the 'exclusion zone': yes. Close to the original site: no.

Reactor #2 at the Chernobyl power plant continued operations from the day of the accident with reactor #4 until 1991. Reactor #1 operated until 1996. Reactor #3 operated until 2000. The people operating those reactors weren't just working in the "exclusion zone", nor even NEAR the site. They were ON the site. And no harm came to them.

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