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Comment Re:Also (Score 1) 123

My phone is encrypted and protected with a fairly strong password (12-digit PIN in my case). In addition, the mobile banking app is also protected with a different, fairly strong password. It has multi-factor authentication, but since that is a text to my phone that doesn't count here.

Since my life is on the phone and I use it to constantly stay in touch with family and friends, plus things like navigation, and quick look-ups of information, it is always on me. So much so that I'd sooner forget my wallet or car keys than my phone.

Finally, my phone is not only constantly backed up, it has, essentially, a GPS locator that I can use from my PC to to find it. Just enter "where's my android phone" into Google, assuming you're logged in to your Google account.

Comment Re:License to work (Score 1) 637

Also came to the comments to mention Lexmark v Static Controls. The appeals court SPECIFICALLY called out motor engine parts, garage door openers, and video games as parallel interoperability purposes, and specifically wrote that those were not, and could not be, restricted under DMCA.

I mean, it doesn't much more clear that this from the courts: Automobile manufacturers, for example, could control the entire market of replacement parts for their vehicles by including lock-out chips. Congress did not intend to allow the DMCA to be used offensively in this manner, but rather only sought to reach those who circumvented protective measures “for the purpose” of pirating works protected by the copyright statute. Unless a plaintiff can show that a defendant circumvented protective measures for such a purpose, its claim should not be allowed to go forward.

If someone is actually sued by John Deere for DMCA violations, that would be right at the very top of a competent defense.

Comment Re:Take the PCIe logo off the box (Score 1) 157

Um, they fixed it with new drivers, in the default configuration you'll either get current drivers or if you choose to install old drivers from media you'll be prompted to upgrade very quickly if not at install time (I know current NVidia installers check for updates from the web at install time).

Comment Re:FUD! Pay us cash! (Score 1) 57

It wouldn't, as my criticism was directed at the 3rd party security tool vendor, not the OS vendor. I would have been equally derisive if the malware was for iOS and only was effected on jail broken devices.

Thought, to correct your assertion, you actually wonder if my comment would be different if the target of the malware was iOS.

I personally prefer Google's model because it gives me the choice whereas Apple's does not. Android says "you should" whereas iOS says "you must".

Comment FUD! Pay us cash! (Score 3, Insightful) 57

This is a 24 page report that can be summed up as "An amazing number of people are stupid enough to click links embedded in SMS messages. However, since this sort of attack is blocked by anyone with the default 'do not allow third-party apps' setting in Android, we only saw 38 actual instances of infected devices contacting the C2 systems. Please take the other 23 1/2 pages of the report as proof we are highly technically skilled, but in general spreading FUD so you pay us lots of money to protect against a threat that has an almost insignificant likelihood of affecting you."

Comment Re:Why the Hell didn't Let's Encrypt register it?! (Score 1) 120

Based on the links in the story, the trademarks are still in the examination stage and have not yet been issued.

If that is the case, Let's Encrypt can still send in forms and notify the USPTO of the conflict. They don't have much time, but if they passed along that information on their site to the patent examiner that should be enough to trigger additional investigation.

Comment Re:I agree down with the DMCA (Score 2) 288

Their problem is more likely related to all those people loading up high resolution copies of an artists entire album, then labeling it with "I do not own this content, I am putting it here for educational purposes only".

Uh, Youtube already has a mechanism to stop that activity, it's called content ID and the labels can either block the upload or monetize it, most are choosing to monetize as it's free revenue from their perspective. The artists are complaining that they aren't being compensated because those views don't count as a song or album sale, but that's a contract issue between them and the label, not some fault of the DMCA.

Comment Re:NEW IS BAD (Score 1) 265

Economists just throw in a fudge factor that is likely to loosely model such details, risk adjusted cost of capital. At my previous job whenever we were evaluating a property for purchase we ran multiple models that included good, average, and bad economic conditions over the term of the loan and at the conclusion of the initial loan and used those numbers to figure out the risk adjusted average return.

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