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Comment Re:Freedom vs. Convenience (Score 1) 573

And expect everyone to do their part will never bring the metric system in or the mafia out. It's always powerful people with tons of money that change anything like it. When it appears that it is not so, you just missed someone controlling it from the shadows. Like sucessful revolutions always having help from some foreign country. Caring about politics, using linux and resisting the mafia only brings futile work and/or suffering for the small individual. You only have a right to vote because its cheaper to finance campaigns than financing revolutions or defending from them.

Comment Almost used it (Score 1) 729

Wanted to save my father a few bucks with this ubuntu version in his new machine to be used as a media player. Couldn't make hdmi audio output to work, gave up and had to buy a windows license. Then I saw the requirementes for a hardware to be ubuntu certified and it is said that hdmi audio is not tested.

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