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World of Goo Ported To Linux 223

christian.einfeldt writes "Lovers of both games and Free Open Source Software will be pleased to see that the popular indie puzzle game World of Goo has been released for Linux. It was designed by a small team of two ex-Electronic Arts developers, Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, who used their entire combined savings of $10,000.00 USD to create the gooey game aimed at guiding goo balls to salvation. The developers built their gooey world with open-source technologies such as Simple DirectMedia Layer, Open Dynamics Engine for physics simulation, and TinyXML for configuration and animation files. Subversion and Mantis Bug Tracker were used for work coordination. Blogger Ken Starks points out that the release of this popular game for Linux could be a big step toward ending the chicken-and-egg problem of a dearth of good games that run natively under Linux."

Comment Re:Still... (Score 2, Funny) 835

Maybe 12 months ago I had to investigate a problem with a dedicated Linux DNS server which no-one had logged into for years. It had been answering queries fine, but hadn't taken an update to a zone file it slaved.

Turns out _both_ halves of the RAID set had died over time. As the box had 2GB of RAM the entire FS (pretty much) had been cached and the box continued to chug away quite happily memory resident until it actually needed to update a zone file on disk.

Who needs disks.........

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