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Comment Re:Not sure how I feel about this one (Score 1) 342

But probably at the block level. It would be hard for the networks to argue that they own each 16k block encoded in a different way they encode it compressed in a different way than they compress it.

Each user has a file. They may start and end at different times and they can choose to "delete" their file to get back "free space". The same commercial in different shows may share the same blocks even more than the shows.

This make perfect technological sense, but may still be illegal.

Comment Fork it. (Score 5, Insightful) 1098

If GPL is superior, do a GPLed fork of LLVM/clang and beat the BSD licensed version with their own code.

You should be able to grow faster.
You have access to their improvements, while they don't have access to yours.
But then you'd be doing what you criticize corporations for, what you fear being done to LLVM by corporations.

You obviously could, but it feels wrong to me. But if it's freedom you are protecting why does it feel wrong?

Comment Advertising (Score 4, Interesting) 231

Get a display space near the cafeteria or some other place where students go frequently. Put books there that are interesting to the students. Thor comics, Ender's game whatever the media is already advertising for you.

Talk to teachers and hold classes in the library occasionally so the kids feel comfortable there.
See if the school will add DVDs to the library's collection.

Get them there and they'll figure out how to use it, but you have to get them there.

If they can put meeting rooms in, so clubs can meet there that would be great as well.

Comment Evilhat (Score 2) 64

Look at Evil Hat. Fred Hicks is the most open I've seen of the RPG publishers. You see hard sales numbers quarter to quarter. Discussions on what makes a kickstarter work. Shipping costs. All sorts of useful stuff. Steve Jackson Games yearly reports are good too, but they are more summarized. SJG at this point is basically the Munchkin company with everything else as a sideline, so their information will be less relevant.

But this is a good time to be an RPG publisher, print runs and poor management crippled a lot of companies. One of those problems has been eliminated, and the other is easier due to the way the market has shifted.

Good luck.

Comment No copycatting (Score 2) 308

My home projects tend to be on the peripheral edge of my work. I proof of concept stuff. I try a new library that might turn out to be useful. That's the best balance for me. If I pitch it at work, I have to promise return on the time. This makes my creative projects stressful. If I play with it, it fails or it doesn't. Either way I've learned something, and haven't had to worry about deadlines.

Comment Re:yes, there are a reasonable number of positions (Score 1) 237

That really depends on the job and the institution. I am a research programmer and am being encouraged to be more independent. Write papers and come up with grant ideas in particular. I will most likely never be faculty with a B.S., but grad school is almost free while I'm in my current position and there are past and present faculty who only had/have a Masters.

Get in the door any way you can. If you find a project and supervisor you can work with, doors will open. Most of the paths will be through grad school, but finding the research you like first is a good option.

Comment Re:Seems logical.. (Score 2) 114

I like it. I'm often annoyed at the split between the GUI and command line. What if I want to run a find and view the images or videos that result? Or I write a program that produces images, and I want to test many parameters without having to write a GUI to view the results. This allows shell script style programming to interact with graphical data, and that is something I've wanted for a while.

Comment Following the Google/Motorola vs. Microsoft (Score 1) 582

I think Apple knows this offer will not be taken, but they decided to make one to make their position in the eventual lawsuit stronger. One of Google/Motorola's arguments against Microsoft is that Microsoft will not negotiate, so Google/Motorola could not have violated their FRAND obligations.

Comment This is absurd (Score 1, Informative) 282

The GPLv2 may not be the right license for Android, but GPLv3 isn't either. There's no way cell phone manufacturers would distribute patent licenses with their code, especially with all the patent lawsuits happening now. Ignoring a one critical aspects of the use case for another makes this useless.

Comment Re:Appeal? (Score 2) 82

The linux kernel is modular. You can execute some parts and not others. They were able to argue that they didn't use the part of linux that could infringe this patent.
Different distributions compile their kernels with different options with different things enabled or compiled as modules.

Comment Re:Still no patent-related indemnification (Score 1) 89

Your blog discounts the likely possibility that this is lies for the purpose of FUD, or that even if true the FUD is more valuable than actually asserting the patents.

I think the patent allegations are made to slow adoption. But I think indemnification may be still be necessary, because even proving non-infringement is expensive.

I hope if the patent pools manifest, Google sues for a declaration of non-infringement.

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