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Comment Re:Shock and awe (Score 1) 253

I'm not at all sure why people should be upset about the small size and the related loseability, because isn't the whole point of these to be small?!

If they don't like them, perhaps they can opt not to buy them, or possibly buy from the competition. Oh, but they are not as small, and not white, don't start with an "i", we don't like them.. ;-)

And there certainly are other headsets with Bluetooth, have been for years. I've used to use one from Sony a few years ago and I'm currently using Phiaton BT 220 NC.

Comment Re:because (Score 1) 274

Well, there's some benefit to having fast round-trip-times. I've noticed that Shapeways can take weeks to deliver, but I suppose that cold be because I've only ever ordered metal things from them.

But no service can beat one hour delivery time.

This is probably valuable to you only if you're designing and building something, though.

Comment Not the right audience (Score 1) 230

You don't need to be worried about people who might think about hooking up a special router or even RPi to their network to deal with IoT devices, but rather with people that don't. And that's going to be pretty difficult to solve before all consumer routers come with decent default firewall rules or such additional functionality you're describing.

Comment Re:I predict that this will be totally ineffective (Score 1) 534

They'll simply subscribe to the new updates of Adblock, automatically install the latest version in a sandbox and determine which ads are being blocked. Then they automatically rearrange the urls, css or content in the page so that they are no longer blocked. Within minutes of the new release it's been neutered. Failing that an engineer is automatically alerted to look into it via the ticket system.

And what's to stop Adblock from doing exactly the same? The amount of resources. If Adblock starts blocking actually useful content on the page, people will just stop using it.

Oops, I should've patented that instead!

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