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Comment Re:No faith (Score 1) 453

Its the same way with doctors and civil engineers. I'll take my bypass (both heart and highway) from the guy who was to busy getting shit done to get board certified.

Everyone needs some form of training, granted. But I'll take MY bypass from the guy who dealt with the 'special circumstances' and has had to work on their own to figure out a solution rather than the one that rests on his laurels.

Comment Nothing like ./ tards (Score 2, Insightful) 483

How come 90% of the comments are bitching and bickering when it comes to things like this. Everyone tries to find the "best" OS - not gonna happen. I use Ubuntu, I'm a web developer, it's very stable, easy to maintain, and supports all the software I need. My design counterparts use Macs (go figure). Our IT guy uses Gentoo because he has all the tools he needs, and the know-how to run the fucker. The office administrative staff uses Windows XP because it's stable and supports what they do. And my boss uses Windows 98 because he's stubborn and old. You know what? They all suck in some manner - I can't run my apps on the designer's systems, and visa versa, the admin staff would have an anurism trying to use *nix, and the IT guy wouldn't be nearly as productive on Windows. That being said they're also very useful in their respective places. Stop bitching, use whatever you like and helps you in your work (if you have a job and don't live in your mom's basement), and maybe try to find the positive in something? Like diversity, competition? Maybe? Yeah?

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