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Comment Re:Annoying. (Score 1) 347

I think the core issues here is companies like verizon making agreements with cities and make it legal. To me, it should be illegal as theres nothing good can come out of that deal. Lets face it, if Comcast or Verizon makes deals with cities which prohibits the use of their wires, its only to destroy competition and nothing else.

Comment everywhere (Score 3, Interesting) 158

one of the basic IT Skills is ... "Troubleshooting". Yup that basic 101 skill that is used by every IT person that I know MUST know how to troubleshoot. You know by the amount of time the skills of a person when he applies is IT skills at work with troubleshooting. Someone who could of resolved a matter in minutes and does it in an hour, you know he needs lots of training. This troubleshooting skill can be applied in almost every field that requires some thinking.

Comment It's a challenge (Score 1) 169

good luck with that 40 yr old secretary that still hold old behavior at heart. Computers have good memories, people have crappy shitty memories. Thats why they tend to use words or something similar to what they know instead of gibberish random password generator for their security. I've seen people in high places which holds sensitive info that could easy kill a person if that info is leaked and they still used weak passwords... I've tried to tell them everything I can to use good behavior and it's a difficult challenge.

Comment Re:Milk that cow! (Score 1, Insightful) 202

Netflix pays for data management and don't pay for infrastructure throughout the US or where they give service. On the other hand the provides that gives cable or cable service, they have to pay for the physical infrastructure and the data management. In other words. your cable provider pays for everything...thats why its not cheaper with them instead of netflix

Comment wait what ? (Score 1) 312

You need a research,reports and studies for this ? really ? Whats next ? Am I gonna learn that using too much salt on my food is bad for my health as well like those precooked food at supermarkets ? /sarcarms. Seriously, standing is not better as well. You just have to move more. I do have a good job for that which is a computer technician so I move around all the time, get under desk. True I do sit but not all day long for all week. The "secret" is to find a way to move from time to time...and do exercices out of work. if you can do that, you got more chance of being in better health rather than the person who doesn't.

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 0) 287

I'll play the devils advocate here. let say you've done 3 or 4 years worth of computer skills in university. I find it hard to believe that you would work WITH or FOR someone that spent 1-2 year or probably less for the same pay. Just remember, you worked very hard each day of your life for 3-4 years, spent entire days studying at the university and did a lot of effort. While the other guy probably did the same for 1-2 years... in other words, you put more effort in your education than him. You still would accept that ?

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 5, Interesting) 287

Absolutely true. It makes sense if you want to go in college or university is should be for academic reasons only and not for getting a higher pay. But lets be honest here, people who go to university have a higher chance of getting a higher pay because of their efforts and work they've done to get their diploma at the end. Would you accept working with someone who has the same pay as you do but he don't have a university diploma but has the same knowledge that you do... To be honest and truthful, I don't think a lot of people would accept that.

Comment Re:Modded down? (Score 0) 287

or you can turn it the other way around, ask the person why he wants to get paid 33$ or 37$ an hour in the first place as I think this is a very high amount to get paid. I could assume that over 50% of a paycheck goes to the house, appartment or mortgage then the problem ain't the paycheck alone but rather what he pays with it. Don't pay for waht you can't afford is what I can tell from lots of people. They got 3 floor house when they can alone afford a garden house anyways.

Comment Well, that depends (Score 1) 162

don't go tecky on someone who's doesn't understand what the word computer means. Ask them some basic questions on their knowledge on the subject and go from there. Adapt to their knowledge and understanding. If they learn slow, you need to teach them slow. If they learn like sponges...teach them fast and strong.

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