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Comment Re:How does one prevent this ? (Score 1) 120

For users who bristle at the thought of another Internet company tracking them, Twitter offered a few options. Users can uncheck the box next to "promoted content" in their privacy settings and Twitter will not match their account to information shared by its partners for tailoring ads, Twitter said...

This should be THE solution if people don't want to be track but...

The company did not say, however, whether it would still hold on to users' data for other purposes.

that I'm not surprised so.. just browse in incognito if your that afraid or if its general browsing, just use a free web proxy. They don't offer ultra speed but to remain annonymous, they are very good

Comment the real fear (Score 1) 256

We have the technology, power, ressources to track anyone and anything anywhere in the world...including USA and other countries and we can be more powerfull and more advanced than we are right now. I'm not afraid of that...contrairy, I adapt to it and that's not the problem. I'm more afraid of the person or people behind that power. We're talking about the people in the military and the current government. It's not a surprise or secret that lots of those stories are about corruption.

Take the analogy of a gun. The gun remains a gun and can be a tool of authority and defence and power to peace... put that in the wrong hands and you have yourself a mass murderer and a completely different story

Comment risky but very useful (Score 0) 310

I often found that when someone doesn't want to listen to you and you know what you have to say is important, then the solution to it is create more noise until your heard.

In your case, which would be very risky as you "could" lose your job but at this point I would do it since no one wants to listen, its to create a problem LIVE and let the company go in nightmare mode.

To be more precise, let them think a hacker got all the info off of one of the vulnerable issues and because of that they got some sensitive information..just don't let them know its not true. Let them think it's real and let them freak out a bit.

Then, after they freak out, calm them down and explain how to fix that point, they will listen and undertand your issue...some people are just plain fucking idiots. That especially happens on the higher end of a company, its like they live on another planet and only looks at numbers and statistics only.

Comment Re:Don't (Score 1) 383

Network Admins are network admins and programmers are programmers. Don't ask a network admin to help that bitch at the front desk how to change resolution. he'll rip the monitor off that desk and beat her with it. Also, don't ask a programmer how to change a signature in your email...he'll rip that keyboard and shove it down where the sun don't shine.

Help desk people are trained to deal with people issues and code 18's all the time. I'm sorry but the reality is netadmins and programmers don't have enough social skills for that and it's not in their task. Their awesome network admins and making sure the infrastructure works correctly and programmers are awesome for their custom made apps.

but i admit that for a company with 150 people, having 4 programmers is a bit too much and might need some managements or cleanup here

Comment could work (Score 1) 383

How Do I Convince Management To Hire More IT Staff?

Could work but could get you fired as well but: crash 2 servers. Fix 1 server. Boss goes to see you to tell you when its going to be fixed. Tell him not know and it will take time. BUT..hire another 1 now and you'll have it pronto...

There's your other staff

Comment Re:Has nothing to do with the USA (Score 1) 392

Without hearing the music per say, i can't tell you if its wrong or not but... People tries to find their bubble (or a break from their reality) and for lots of people its in music. We're told to shut up when time comes, buckle up in this, do that, so many rules in society, obey the law here and there. The only way to let go of yourself is in music as theirs no boundaries or rules.

So is it justified or is it paranoia since the early years got to them soo much with the last 2 lost war on their shoulders. i completely understand why they would put a complete stop but all I got to say is put too much restrictions on one group and that group will rebel

Comment Bitch Please (Score 2) 961

This is what comes to mind (comment subject) when CNN report that crap. CNN talks only about the car like that was the problem...seriously ? Anything in the hands of a human can become dangerous...even a damn spoon. Spoon "could" kill someone :). Seriously though, take a car, take a guy who lacked a moment of responsibility and you have a dangerous cocktail right there...same applies for everything and anything else. It's not too complex to grasp. Stop bashing on the cars...that wasn't the problem...the driver was

Comment To be taken seriously (Score 1) 117

This is something that must not be overlooked. This is becoming a plague on Youtube...especially on that platform and the people who are the victims most of the time are the people who put the video up on youtube.

For example, the video Day One: Garry's Incident video on youtube (the one released by TotalBiscuit...just search for it)... it was available to some poeple and then because the company got too much bad press on it cause the game sucked way to bad and it seems like the game was in alpha stage...just too much problems and most reviews (including steam comments) told to not buy the game.

The company got around and requested the video to be removed. The user had no choice but to agree to this non sense. In the end, (not me cause I already saw the video ahahah), the consumer don't know what the game could be liked... But not in this case since youtube wasn't the only source of info lol.

What I want to say is simple...companies got too much power when it comes to this. The consumer or the other party or customer who has no ressources at all is the victim in this. Google seems to be bending way too easily and I hesitate to say this but I will, I feel like Google is feeding the trolls sometimes because they don't fight and automatically agree.

Comment Wait what ? (Score 1) 68

members of the Parliament are using the public network to check their mail ? That alone is a breach of security...split that. members of the Parliament should use a private secure network (vpn, ssl, etc etc)...not the same network as mister and misses on the street lol. Just for starters the wifi is hidden to the public and thats only a first on the big list of security we implemented here and the security should be high even if people don't like's your system, not theirs so its the admin's job to provide security for this type of situation.

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