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Comment thats not the point (Score 1) 158

the point is no one can prove as a fact that x person at that adress which is linked to that physical address was there at that precise moment in time. Unless theres a photo or something else that can prove it. That is very hard to prove. Besides, IP Addresses from a DHCP pool in an ISP changes not that often. Well not on an hourly or daily basis but its possible.

Comment obligated (Score 1) 162

its a reference. If you commit a crime and did nothing your guilty. I'm not an expert at this but by the law at least where I am, (Canada...perhaps USA as well) if someone commits a crime and do nothing, you are obligated to act...not do nothing and ignore. Thats what I meant. To me being aware of bugs and ignoring those bugs and forcing others to to do so is simply wrong.

Comment obvious to me (Score 1) 19

Viacom bitches at Youtube for copyright uploads but when you look at Viacom like most websites, they don't do enough to stop this compared to Youtube. It does take some knowledge to "download" a video of anyone on Youtube and not everyone or THAT little kid or grandma can do it. Youtube also have some tools available to prevent this like the content ID system and some report tools to help this. To me, this sounds like a big loss to Youtube and the copyright issues against people as well. This only means that companies could use this copyright lawsuit as a support document if someone wants to go against Youtube for copyright cases.

Comment i don't think its the right answer (Score 1) 10

I don't think the prison itself is the problem but whats in it is. I mean, put 1 man in a prison to think about what he done wrong and over time I'm sure he'll have no choice to think about it. But today... you got gangs, violence, murder, rape, drugs. On top of that you gotta think about your own survival. You got no time to think about what you've done wrong. Theres no real therapy to "fix" what you've done as well. WTF is this technology will do that will improve our current prison system ?

Comment Get out of your tower of Illusion (Score 1) 72

Its incredible how a mac user (I presume you are but I could be wrong with your antivirus answer) but to think that mac don't need an anti-virus is simple stupid and arrogant at the same time. It's not because you got a mac that your invulnurable on viruses. Phishing works with a browser and every OS as one. my recent link in my post was about the flashback bot which works in browsers. Guess what ? Mac has browsers too and since people know mac don't have an anti-virus guess what will hackers or people with bad intention do ? They' ll probably attack mac users especially since Apple got more popularity in recent years. So mac users should get out of their tower of illusion and embrace reality before its too late. Cause right now WIndows users or most of them made their research, work and studies on viruses and antiviruses and most are ready. How much mac users are ready against the upcoming threats ?

Comment not their fault (Score 2) 221

Ubisoft as nothing to do with this censorship btw. Ubisoft and other publishers do the games. It's the countries that makes the censorship so the main problem comes from those places...not the company. Look at Saint Row 4 problems in Australia. They dare censor and block the game but gave multiple different version of their blocking reasons...which changed from a day to day basis which made no sense. Censorship usually happens because of a lack of knowledge over computers, the game itself and the main reason of the censorship too oddly enough.

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