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Comment Re:Let's wait (Score 2) 170

Okay then "Big Publisher Damage Control Consultant", doing his job auspiciously as possible. The accountability is there. The reputation of those who asked for funding is already there. If studios don't follow through on their development promises, you'll be damned sure that people won't forget about it. They won't be seeing any more of that sweet KickStarter nectar if they try that monkey business. You screw your investors/customers over and they'll take their money elsewhere. That's how reputation works. Too long has the publishing industry forgotten that earning a bad reputation can build up to massive repercussions.

I think that this amount of money pouring into independent direct funding has completely blind sided publishing studios. I guarantee you that they are taking it seriously. When your business model is built entirely around being the middle man, the last thing you want your customers to do is to learn how to remove the middle man. Publishers have always been at war with the direct funding model and will usually just use the acquisition strategy to counter that movement. KickStarter revealed something different. KickStarter is a means to a market movement they never anticipated. Even if KickStarter gets bought and dismantled, the training wheels are on and the direct funding model is rolling. We have the technology.

Comment Re:Towns (Score 1) 206

Popular definition doesn't mean what you and your cohorts decided to make up one day. Independent absolutely means the producer of the media also funds their own distribution of the media. Whatever twisted logic you have come up with is absolutely wrong.

Comment Re:Towns (Score 1) 206

So because /. isn't reporting about a game that you like, that means 0x10c is trash? Honestly i've looked at towns and it IS just trying to be Dwarf Fortress, albeit with much less complexity. Dwarf Fortress is one of the most amazing tycoon game's I've played to date. The interface isn't bubble gum and candy wrapped for you, but honestly; I don't mind that. Get past that and you'll find game play far far richer than anything town's tries to hawk up.

0x10c has a programmable virtual CPU as an integral part of the gameplay. This is something new. This is something engineer type people would love. Towns only has the same thing done over again. Nothing original about it. This is why town's isn't reported on front page of /.

Comment Re:"Open-source, High-quality, Cross-platform" (Score 2) 96

Since when was this a thing? Sounds like something an uneducated bar star would say about finding a partner. "You have to pick any two : Rich Smart or Good Looking". Those are stupid compromises made by pessimists and defeatists.

I could name a few dozen open source projects that are all 3 but I won't. You've interacted with at least a dozen just by posting here.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 922

That's not what hate speech is though. Criticising a political candidate's actions isn't the same as telling him he can't use the same bathrooms as you. Freedom of speech doesn't give you the right to tread over anybody else's.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 922

Freedom of speech is and always has been in the face of the government. You are not free to infringe on the rights of others. In the UK, they consider racism to be exactly that. To cite a common example; One that has to be told entirely too often in my opinion; Freedom of speech doesn't grant you the freedom to scream fire in a crowded room or to claim there's a bomb where there isn't. It has and always will be the freedom to criticise your government. When will people get it through their head? It seems that those who would lay down the freedom of speech claim find it far to convenient of a justification. They can't see what it really means because they don't take the idea of freedom seriously in the first place.

Comment Re:Happened to a friend of mine. (Score 1) 619

It's not the reliability of the technology I'm concerned about. The reliability of the data coming from those devices are. As far as law enforcement officials are concerned, and rightfully so, any device that hasn't been documented in detail for their department should be considered a magical black box that could do any number of things.

I thought we were on Slashdot. Isn't this the entire primary concern for FOSS being such a big deal? Binaries are essentially magical black boxes that could report anything.

Comment Re:Wah wah wah (Score 3, Insightful) 649

It's not that iphone is less work. They started with a focus on IOS. It's more work to port a highly focused piece of software and they just couldn't handle multiple platforms being a 2 person team. What they ended up porting to Android was such a bug ridden POS that it didn't sell at all. That doesn't mean App's dont sell on the Android. Developers just have to make decent software for it. It's just as easy to make software for Android as it is IOS, given that you plan your project to include both. They obviously relied heavily on IOS frameworks. There is nobody to blame but themselves.

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