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Comment using the OpenCL APIs is *noisy* (Score 3, Informative) 49

I question why anyone would go that route for writing malware. When you start using the OpenCL APIs, your graphics cards will clock up and leave their low power states. The graphics card resource utilization (compute, memory transfers, memory usage) is shown by monitoring tools such as GPU-z and command line tools such as nvidia-smi. You can't hide anything on the GPU.

Comment Re:Why do these reaction wheels keep failing? (Score 1) 28

Well you could secure the wheel using some rectractable bolts during launch. Only when in orbit you retract these bolts and then you turn on your electromagnets.

I found quite a lot of research papers on magnetic suspension of reaction wheels. I really wonder why this isn't mainstream technology yet.


Comment This is not patent trolling. (Score 2) 110

nVidia holds a lot of patents in the fields of graphics technology - it is a major player in this field and to date has a large market share in the desktop amd mobile GPU market. This is absolutely no patent trolling.

It's just the usual insane patent wars among major players in technology. I highly doubt this will go to court. There will just be a quiet agreement among the parties involved before this escalates too much.

Comment I bought one of these for Litecoin mining (Score 5, Interesting) 76

I made a test order of one of these products for evaluating whether they are any good for mining. The 4 GB video RAM on the card and the supposed graphics chip on the card would have made a very good deal.

But it became apparent immediately that this was an outdated Fermi gerneration chip, despite the card being recognized as a GTX 660 by the driver. The card ended up on my scrap heap because it was useless for my purpose (high power consumption and low performance)

At the time I assumed it was some kind of OEM product (relabeling older chips under newer product names is very common in the GPU business). But the investigation of the c't magazine seem to indicate that there is some VBIOS tampering going on and that this is not happening with nVidia's blessing at all.

I'll be following the story closely to see what the outcome of this clusterfuck will be.

Comment tesselate polygons, then warp in vertex shader ? (Score 1) 55


Can't one just subdivide (tesselate) polygons that appear relatively large in screen space so that they consist of many small polygons, with a few pixels each? This would allow for doing the barrel distortion entirely in the vertex shader with no ray tracing being required. The challenge is to perform the dynamic tesselation without requiring a constant updating of the geometry (vertex buffers) on the GPU.
Maybe newer APIs like DirectX10 or 11 would support this dynamic tesselation approach in hardware.

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