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Comment Men with gendered profiles take even bigger hit (Score 1) 293

Note in the graph at the top of page 15 that having an obviously-gendered profile hurt the acceptance rates of men even more than it hurt the acceptance rates of women. This completely undermines any conclusion that women are being discriminated against in pull request acceptance.

Submission + - New Patent for keyboard video game control

deathy_epl+ccs writes: It's not real clear whether this guy's patent on controlling a video game using nothing but a keyboard's arrow keys is just a protest, a statement against the broken nature of the USPTO, or whether he genuinely believes he's managed to get a license to print money with the award of the patent, but we can at least take comfort that it wouldn't be likely to survive being challenged.

I first read about this over at GameSetWatch

Submission + - States rebel against Real ID Act (

Spamicles writes: "Four states have passed laws that reject federal rules regarding a national identification system. This casts serious doubt on the future of the 2005 Real ID Act that goes into effect in December 2009. New Hampshire and Oklahoma joined Montana and Washington state in the passage of statutes that refute guidelines set forth in the Act. However, these actions could eventually lead to drivers licenses issued in these states to not be accepted as official identification when boarding airplanes or accessing federal buildings. In addition to these four states, members of the Idaho legislature intentionally left out money in the budget to comply with the Act."

Submission + - History of MECC and Oregon Trail

Gammu writes: For the past thirty years, many children have been raised with a heavy diet MECC games like Oregon Trail, Odell Lake and Lemonade Stand. These products weren't developed by a major game developer. Rather, they were developed by the state of Minnesota for use in their schools. What began as an initiative to get Minnesota students ready for the micro-computer age turned into a multi-million dollar a year business whose products are still used in US schools even a decade after MECC was sold off to another developer. Read about the history of MECC (and especially Oregon Trail) at Silicon User.

Submission + - IT gurus are top marriage material in India (

snkmoorthy writes: "Rafia Khatoon is a mother on a mission.She's looking for a good matrimonial match for her 28-year-old Rakshi."I want an IT professional," she says, "preferably someone based in London, or someone who has the opportunity to work overseas in the future." For the IT professionals who have spent years labouring under nicknames such as nerd, geek or computer whiz — and those are the nicer ones — this attention comes as a pleasant surprise. They've hardly ever been seen as the most glamorous of types. Often stereotyped as hard working and intelligent — and well, just a little bit boring — they're not often seen as the ideal mate."

Submission + - Slashdot is filtered in Iran !

Anonymous Coward writes: "It is a while that slashdot is filtered in Iran and other interesting and scientific sites are becoming banned one after another .People in Iran are used to see their favorite sites banned without any logical reason . It seems that a robot which is sensitive to specific words is used to control the passing traffic without any human supervision and there are no places to complain about or no one is going to be responsible about it. The main purpose of censorship was said to be stopping people's access to pornographic and political sites , The number of dedicated hosts in European countries are increased which are just used for VPN connections. In Iran, people simply know how to tunnel using softwares like VTUND and OpenVPN and where to buy VPN accounts . What they are doing is hiding their head under snow and claiming nothing's going on."

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