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Comment Even headline is annoyingly "modern" for old story (Score 2) 92

They're not Unwanted "APPS", they're malware. You don't need to call everything an App. This story reads like someone who just found out that "unsubscribing" from spam is a bad idea. Also, you've got to be pretty, pretty dumb to run a 3.5 MB .exe file that calls itself "Witcher 3". Like, that's beginner level internet surfing 101.

Comment Re:Bad headline: "Its News Operation"? (Score 0) 215

Of course the story is that according to Slashdot internal documents, their newsfeed is now written by "Alpha Go", just copy-pasting from the original story or submittal, and adding a couple sentences of gibberish and a nonsense headline. We're all abandoned here on this ghost ship.

Comment Oh slashdot. (Score 1) 416

Once upon a time, /. was the place to go for news like this, and the comments would all talk about the technical aspects of this story and dissect the claims to show if they're credible. So much of this story is technically, uh, dubious, yet many people here are blinded by their political leanings (both sides) that they are willing to accept an unverified report like this.

Comment Re:Splitscreen's decline can be explained (Score 1) 147

All of my Halo friends now have kids, and used the Halo series to play video games with their kids. It was one of the few cross-generational games that both groups truly enjoyed (you can only play so many Lego games before they're all the same). Now, they're all skipping Halo 5 because that tradition of split-screen coop has been killed. Visual fidelity and lighting effects don't mean squat if you can't play games with your kids anymore.

Halo's trying after the COD fanbase (see multiplayer changes that focus on tournament style play), but forgetting about the things that made Halo so friendly to "filthy FPS casuals".

Comment Re:"equal treatment" (Score 1) 779

A surprisingly large number of liberal causes depend on the principle of equal treatment.

Liberals are for equal outcomes, not equal opportunities.

Conservatives are for equal treatment. For instance, a law against sleeping on the sidewalk should be enforced equally on both millionaires and homeless vagrants.

Well, conservative you should be cheering for this bill then, since it only provides money based on a competative bid process that shows there's a need for an under-represented group to get some cash for that group to learn CS, train teachers in CS, or buy equipment.

Comment Re:This thread will be a sewer of misogyny (Score 1) 779

They don't have to be, and the bill doesn't say they have to be either. The bill provides grant money for programs that reach out to underrepresented groups who usually have less exposure to CS. There are a few poor, majority white schools in my area that don't have CS classes at all, in 2015. This grant money could be provided to them, if they can prove the need more than other districts that apply for the grant. Once again, internet comments confusing equal access with quotas, which often happens in these debates.

Comment This article should die a horrible death (Score 3, Insightful) 227

How many console generations and Comparison videos do we have to write this type of article about before it stops being a thing? Breaking news everyone, a $400 piece of hardware cannot compete with hardware that has no upper price limit. The interesting thing is that I spent $500 on a PC a year ago and I ended up with hardware very close to the PS4. Guess what? The PS4 actually runs my games ever so slightly better on the PS4 than my "cheap" PC. This could be due to Console optimization, or my PC's optimization, or any other number of factors. They're different things for different purposes.

Comment Do not want. (Score 4, Insightful) 135

As someone who does this for a living, let me tell you that Elon Musk is a idea guy, not a user. These guys are a dime a dozen and often see things like iPads and flashy technology as "the future", but in implementation, they miss out on things like Ease of User Input, and Long term use strain. A spaceball and a mouse are about the best you can get for 3d space navigation for long periods of time, which is how the people who actually build this stuff use it daily.

You can see this yourself if you want to do a little accuracy experiment. Take your mouse and move it a pixel. Now, take your hand, hold it in the air, and move your hand that same amount without the help of friction on the table or the mouse to rest your hand on. Even if LeapMotion and other 3d space tracking systems were that accurate, it's not an optimal setup for actually doing work, due to strain and other issues. Now, I don't often need single pixel-accuracy, but 4-5 pixel accuracy is needed more often than you think.

Elon Musk sits in a "end item" meeting where the final design is 3d modeled and displayed on a screen, and pictorial representation of that model is manipulated using leap motion. Great. But actual engineering design work done this way? He's dreaming. Or, he's just talking about using Leap Motion et al tied to a CAD program, in which case... Who cares? He's not the first, and he's certainly not a visionary on the subject.

Comment Re:Well that validates the 'weasel word' disclaime (Score 1) 180

Exactly! Every time I read about this story, the worst parts of the surveillance is not supported by the evidence shown either on the slides, and look like sloppy, extraordinary claims. I'd love to see the evidence that supports the claims that FISC doesn't review individual collection requests, which could mean each incident of collection (event) or "I"ndividual collection requests, meaning that a FISA warrant could grab a group of people based on FISC approved criteria.

I really do want to see this evidence, but the more I read of this story the more I think that most of the claims that the Post and Guardian are making are a misunderstanding of what their sources are actually telling them.

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