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Comment Re:Licensed Software Engineer new in USA. Ethics o (Score 1) 183

This is less of an issue than you make it out to be. I got my PE license with the computer engineering test, and I'd happily sign off on somebody taking the software engineering exam. I would have taken the software engineering PE exam, except it was not offered in my stated at the time (Texas). Coincidentally, Texas was the first to offer that exam.

Comment Re:My God... (Score 0) 458

Perhaps it wasn't your purpose, but your post smacks of what characterizes American-style anti-intellectualism. You argue that any pursuit of knowledge that does not have immediate practical application should be eschewed in favor of more pressing matters.

Where would we be if out of the box thinking were suppressed?

Comment Re:Don't appease aggression (Score 3, Informative) 519

There was a war between the two in 1979 regarding Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge (Communist government of Cambodia) made the mistake of attacking battle hardened Vietnam, and the Vietnamese responded by invading and taking over Cambodia. Cambodia's communist government was supported by China, and tacitly by the USA, so China decided to teach Vietnam a lesson for interfering. One positive byproduct of the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia was to stop the genocide of counter-revolutionaries.


Comment Re:Or, perhaps the test is not 100% selective (Score 3, Insightful) 241

My anecdotal experiences contradict your statement.

Consider doctors must slog their way through 4 years med school, 4 years residency, 2 years or so of fellowship, ~200K of student debt, and the threat of lowering wages due to healthcare reforms. All that, and they don't start their career in earnest until around age 32.

Most likely, doctors don't put up with that unless they want to help others to some degree. If they are driven purely by greed, there are other lucrative careers with more immediate earning potential- banking, law.

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