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Comment Re:Do you need a database? (Score 2) 272

The problem with choosing the best database (or technology in general) for each corner of each application is that before long you've got yourself a maintenance/support nightmare. Better to stick with what you know, provided it's sufficient for the job at hand. Only when there's a compelling reason should you bring in something new. For example, there aren't many use cases for which PostgreSQL isn't sufficient...

Submission + - Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie in Your Bed Can Kill You (aolnews.com)

flipperdo writes: From the article: "Medical researchers have long shown that contact with pets can often help both the physically and mentally ill. But now, veterinary scientists say sleeping with your pets increases the chances of contracting everything from parasites to the plague."

Comment Re:Let me say this: I am shocken, truly SHOCKED, . (Score 1) 655

I'm surprised that you're shocked that there might be people who find this surprising. People are often surprised by things which, if they just stood back and looked at the bigger picture, shouldn't be surprising at all.

But if anyone's shocked that I'm surprised, I wouldn't find that surprising --- I'd be astonished!

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