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Comment Re:Irony (Score 5, Informative) 527

That's not what Tivoization is. Tivoization is when you put copyleft software on a piece of hardware, but then lock down the hardware so that the users can modify the software in practise.

What you are describing is legal even under GPLv3. You can distribute non-free programs along with free ones:

Submission + - The Reddit Invasion... (

An anonymous reader writes: Since Reddit launched in 2005 it has grown to become one of the largest and most loved news/content aggregators in the world. A treasure trove of sub cultures and memes for users of all interests and a very supportive community are all part of the special sauce that makes Reddit so successful. The team at Sortable is a big fan of the site and have spent countless hours exploring different content on Reddit. We looked at what makes Reddit so special, from their history, community, generous redditors, and different types of redditors to put together this infographic.

Submission + - Freedom of Speech at risk in Italy, again (

An anonymous reader writes: Another attempt by the italian government to censor the internet.
A new law says that is enough to feel offended by any content, to have it deleted or replaced by a "correction" chosen by the offended; this has resulted in Wikipedia threatening to delete all its italian contents in order to comply.


Submission + - Google To Drop Support For H.264 In Chrome 1

Steve writes: oogle just made a bold move in the HTML5 video tag battle: even though H.264 is widely used and WebM is not, the search giant has announced it will drop support for the former in Chrome. The company has not done so yet, but it has promised it will in the next couple of months. Google wants to give content publishers and developers using the HTML5 video tag an opportunity to make any necessary changes to their websites.

Here's the current state of HTML5 video: Microsoft and Apple are betting on H.264, while Google, Mozilla, and Opera are rooting for WebM. Although Internet Explorer 9 supports H.264, excluding all other codecs, Microsoft says it is making an exception for WebM, as long as the user installs the corresponding codec. Google developed WebM, but made an exception for H.264, until today's announcement. Meanwhile, Mozilla and Opera refuse to provide support for H.264 because the H.264 patent license agreement isn't cheap.

Submission + - Oracle sues Google over Android and Java (

prone2tech writes: Oracle is dipping into Sun's patent portfolio, and using it against Google in it's "buy once sue anywhere" strategy to keep Java from fragmenting in the mobile device space. Because Google's Java implementation for Android isn't part of the Java Community Process (JCP) that Sun established in 1999 to oversee the development of new Java features, all Android mobile devices don't support the same Java features established by the JCP. Essentially Google is attempting to do to Java in the mobile device space what Microsoft tried to do to Java in the desktop space back in 1997. What's next for Google, G++?

Submission + - Linux Stories Buried on Social Networking Sites? ( 1

Hugh Pickens writes: Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols writes on Computerworld that those who follow Social Networking sites have long known that sites like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon are susceptible to external gaming. "In early 2009, new popular Linux stories would pop up every day or two on Digg. By mid-2010, Linux stories on Digg became popular only once every week or so. Why? Has everyone who once interested in Linux suddenly vanished? Have people stopped writing about Linux?" writes Vaughan-Nichols. "The only explanation I can come up with is that Linux stories are getting down-voted on a regular basis on Digg these days. Who's doing this? In whose best interest is it to make it appear that there's little interest in Linux?"

Comment Re:So many things wrong with the article (Score 0, Flamebait) 692

the hostility comes from all the choices religous groups take away from us, forcing their faith on us all. stem cell research? can't have that. abortion? can't have that.

instead of just letting people live their lives, their faith forces them to interfer.

People can't live their lives if they're being aborted.

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