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Journal Journal: A slashdot scavenger hunt! (In progress) 7

In the spirit of scavenger hunts, I had the stupid idea to start my very own slashdot scavenger hunt. As follows is the tentative list of items:

  • (300) Deleted comment from slashdot (50 bonus points for each additional comment deleted in the same thread)
  • (300) Break up Malda + Fent
  • (300) Slashdot frontpage marriage proposal (300 bonus points if same-sex)
  • (300) Get an editor sent to jail (1000 bonus points if editor is also fired)
  • (300) All slashdot authors active within the past month as fans of your account. (100 bonus points if all foes, 50 bonus points if mixed bag)
  • (300) Ballot-stuff a slashdot poll. (2 bonus points if it's the 'Cowboy Neil' option
  • (300) Front page troll, must remain around long enough to get 50+ comments
  • (300) One-liner submission, front page
  • (300) Any submission that gathers over 1000 comments within one week
  • (300) Steal a slashdot account through any means. (10000 points if it's an editor account and you post a front page article)
  • (200) Flame reply from CmdrTaco. (100 points bonus for each additional editor flame)
  • (200) Do something on slashdot that causes a new item to be included in the FAQ
  • (200) Abuse the system in some way, show proof that you caused slashcode to be changed somehow.
  • (200) Maximum allowable posts posted, for one full week
  • (200) Proof that you have met another person on slashdot. (You must have met said person on slashdot first, then in real life. (100 bonus points if said person lives at least 500km away)
  • (150) Complete and detailed proof of a modbombing (You must post the comment in question)
  • (150) One comment with more than 50 moderations
  • (150) One comment, 50+ direct replies
  • (150) Logged-in first posts, five in row, front page stories. The subject line of each first post must contain the name of a playing card, and the posts must add up to a winning poker hand. (If multiple people make it, only the account with the winning hand gets the points.)
  • (100) Photo of you posing with a slashdot author. (200 points if it includes all authors) [NOTE: slashdot authors, employees, family, etc. are not eligible for this one.]
  • (100) Create a new account, document least number of posts to get 'excellent' karma. (100 bonus points if you get the account posting at 0 within 24 hours after achieving 'excellent'
  • (100) IRC log showing two slashdot editors bitching you out. (50 bonus points for each additional slashdot author, 100 bonus points for each k5 author.)
  • (50) Create an imposter account, and get your victim to reply to at least 50% of your comments posted saying something to the effect of 'THIS IS NOT ME' (50 bonus points if your target flies off the handle, 50 bonus points if your target burns all karma, 100 bonus points if target leaves slashdot, 20 bonus points if target is an editor)
  • (50) Create a new account, document least number of posts to get a pink screen.
  • (50) logged in first post, must taunt.
  • (10) Get a -1 troll moderation
  • (10) Logged-in 'BSD is dying' or 'Steven King dead at 54' post, moderated once as +1 informative
  • (10) Failed first post attempt
  • (10) Empty comment
  • (10) Submission posted to front page with grammatical or typographical errors (10 points for each error)
  • (5) Each freak (2 bonus points for each editor)

Post here if you have any further ideas, after which I'll release a final contest sometime before year's end.


Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Maybe this could actually take off.

Star Wars Prequels

Journal Journal: Pointless wars 166

Okay, I know a lot of you people hate Vladinator. I even hated him once before. (He being a trollbuster and all). I threw petty differences aside and helped out a site in need long ago. I still help administer said site.. whether or not you like it or hate it.

That notwithstanding, it seems that there is a resurgence of old time petty wars. Yes, I remember the days of 'especially the FASH' section. I found plenty of entertainment with the 200+ post threads of name calling and childish insults in sid=trolltalk .. etc. I have always expected a background level of noise. I really don't care about that. I would find something wrong if this noise disappeared.

I rarely let these things get to me, and I certainly never let it effect my real life. Like I would actually give a shit that someone I've never met; someone hundreds of kilometers away thinks of me as an asshole. I generally keep a low profile. Most of you don't even know the identity of my trolling accounts, many of you out there really don't give a shit about what I do anyways. And you shouldn't. This isn't about me.

I usually let these things fizzle out, but sometimes things do get out of hand. Prank calls, dDoS attacks, and other annoyance methods -- these were things I did back when I was 12. Though I have grown out of these tactics, I can still realize that there is quite a lot of motivation out there; [or is it boredom?]

Now, I have seemed to draw the ire of these pranksters.. though it is now getting serious. I have done nothing, I seem to be being attacked solely because of my association with Scott Lockwood. I'm not talking about references to my name in the scripted submission queue attack on Geekizoid, and the massive crapflood in trolltalk.. I could care less if some of you fantisize of me involved in sweaty man-sex with the object of your disaffection. [ugh]. I'm talking about the small rash of personal attacks that are beginning to surface against me.

Here is what I am talking about: On Wednesday, 10 April 2002, someone contacted one of my places of employment via email. This email was rather succinct.. mainly it made the blind accusation that I have been defacing websites from an IP address belonging to my notebook system. It went on further to accuse me of running dDoS attacks. It also accused me of making threats of site defacement. Lucky for me, my boss did not buy it.. especially due to the fact that there was no evidence presented. This is a position at my university, and since I am already on probation due to last years events with SOS, the email has made it to the Dean's office. The Dean is not quite as understanding as my employer.. yet, due to lack of evidenc there is nothing to persue. I had the issue declared dead. Though the email now resides in my permanent file with my university.

Okay, so the email was a bit off the top, and was fairly poor as frame-up attempts go. What really bugs me is the fact that constant DoS attacks have been hitting my office for two days, and the IP addresses I usually use for my notebook in the engineering building has periodically been experiencing packet floods. These things are annoying, but easy to work around. What I don't get is that the attackers seem hell bent on bringing more and more people into this petty war. People are trying to work at my office, and other students are trying to study and do research at my lab. What is the point in dDoSing a walking robot??

This rambling finally brings me to my point: to the attackers, I would like you to come forward. Obviously, you have quite a grudge.. something has pissed you off along the way. I'm not interested in paying extortions or fielding countless demands. I only want a dialog. This isn't so I can write a stupid long missive about script kiddies dDoSed my site and I pleaded with him! [like Mr. Raw sockets will be the death of the internet].

All I'm interested in is:

  • What your grudges are. What events have transpired to bring you to action.
  • Who you are. If you're going to take action like this, you should come forward and take credit for your actions.
  • What should happen. What are you trying to accomplish with this? If it's simple annoyance, please leave those only superficially involved out of it.

Either that, or get your r00tk175 going, bring out your sk1llz, call your z0mbi3z, or whatever. You can't keep it up forever, and I sure as hell can weather the storm. Personal attacks, I'll respond appropriately. And no, I'm not talking about moves you can see in Blade II. Although I did take Tang Su Do lessons for three years back when I was 10. Like I've actually practiced any of it in the past 12 years.

Now I have work to do. Leave me be.

Addendum: My my, it looks like the crapfloods are rolling in. Nice work. Glad that you people like the new Geekizoid ass section; especially since the 'fash' section thing fizzled out. And this url looks like one hell of a regex.


Journal Journal: Geekizoid: fixed 1

Okay, the index page has been fixed. Another admin, who shall remain nameless made a small mistake which caused the page to barf in the middle of processing.

The site is usable.. I will fix the remaining problems and add the new interface over the next few days.


Journal Journal: Geekizoid: return 3

Geekizoid is essentially up and running, but there are still a few obnoxious problems. Of course, you may notice that the front page is not displaying any stories. This problem remains unsolved for the time being. No programs are reporting errors of any sort, and so far the trail has gone cold. I should be able to fix this within the next few days or so. For now, browse geekizoid from like the common first post crapflooder you are.

Journals are not displaying correctly either, leading me to believe I may have some more serious problems occuring. Posting of comments and stories seem to be functional though.

A new interface will be revealed shortly. So look for that.

In case you're wondering, the database transition went smoothly.. all comments, stories, accounts, and trolls should have been preserved. Please bitch in this forum, or at Geekizoid directly if you have any problems.

This will be the central area for technical information pertaining to Geekizoid; until journals are fixed onsite.

Win one for trolling, crapflooding, and general obnoxiousness in the year 2002.

Geekizoid: Home of the small shiny things network.


Journal Journal: A big ugly fuck you from Utah

Hell if I have any time to write in my diary^H^H^H^H^Herr... Journal. But here goes.

A lot of you have been asking me about if and when Geekizoid will ever come back. The answer: yes. I did most of my part, and now I'm just waiting on others to finish up and work the small kinks out. I'd do the whole damn thing myself if I had (a) the time, and (b) the access. Until then, everybody must wait.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have homework to do. ETA for Geekizoid: someday.


Journal Journal: Okay, where the hell are the hidden forums? 1

Why was this feature removed? "hidden" sids have been a staple of slashsites for years. Now the vast flood of pointless shit will find its way to the -1 sewers of the normal articles.

Repent! And give us back our freedom!!

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