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Comment I second the netbook (Score 1) 1095

Skimming the responses, I'm surprised that there aren't more calls for this. Unless this is a working vacation, you're going to want to spend your time doing rather than surfing, anyway. I've taken my original Eee to europe twice now and it's been exactly what I've wanted. WiFi is easy to get on for free, and since you're there more than a day or so, you'll probably find a place you like that you can get online for nary a penny.

While I also agree with the choruses of "go and do" both above and below, you're probably not in much danger of sitting in your room all day reading slashdot - that wasn't your question. A netbook will help with that because it doesn't facilitate long surf sessions, but does plenty (IM! Email! skype!) for communication, and most "modern" netbooks will also have plenty of space for backups of your photos.


Comment Re:Fonts (Score 1) 378

You're misinformed - the font doesn't download and install any more than an image saves itself into your "my pictures" folder when you view it on the web. Argue the semantics of cache all you want, but the "unsuspecting people" you're trying to protect aren't rooting around their cache folders for a font they saw on a webpage once the name of which they don't even know just so they can make their 10th grade history paper work better.

You and the OP are looking for reasons to dislike web progress, and, while I'm happy to get off your lawn, you should find legitimate reasons, not ones that I learned were false in 3 minutes of reading and a quick check of my fonts folder.

Comment I have four (Score 2) 503

I do web development, and I really like having multiple screens for the work. I added the 4th just for the cool factor when a client wanted a new monitor. Now people come into my office and think I'm hacking into something.

I don't have many tech-savvy friends or they would A) notice that I'm running Vista and understand that "real" hackers wouldn't stoop so low and B) teach me how to get useful fucking multimon going in Ubuntu or the like.


Political Upheaval In Fictional Czech State 21

Rog-Mahal writes "The fictional Kingdom of Wallachia has made the front page of Czech newspapers lately. The practical joke turned tourist attraction started by photographer Tomas Harabis has been locked is a power struggle between Bolek Polivka, the current king, and Harabis, the foreign minister. The faux country has received international attention over the years: 'Wallachia makes money several ways, including offering tastings of its famed plum brandy, slivovitz, to corporate clients. Its biggest source of revenue is the Wallachian passport, which costs the equivalent of $7.69. There are roughly 90,000 citizens of the make-believe nation, once including George W. Bush, who was given a passport some years ago by a Czech living in Texas. Mr. Bush's citizenship was revoked in 2003 after the United States invaded Iraq. The passport has created some confusion, however. When a man from Pakistan recently asked the kingdom for political asylum, Mr. Harabis said he had to gently explain that Wallachia was not a real country. The Wallachian passport now warns: "This passport is not yet an official document of the Czech Republic."' We can only hope for a peaceful end to hostilities."

Gaming Netflix Ratings? 235

Nom du Keyboard writes "Not for the first time, I've noticed a new film that hasn't yet even reached the theaters, yet has hundreds of positive votes and/or reviews recorded on Netflix. This time the movie is Inkheart. For a movie that doesn't even hit the theaters until January 23, it already has 428 votes and a rating of 4.3 (out of 5) on Netflix. Seems more than a bit fraudulent to me. Also, it has a review that doesn't even review the movie, but instead says the books are great, therefore the movie should be too. Does the word 'shills' come to mind? With millions spent to promote a movie, are a few hundred of that going to phony voters? Or have that many people actually seen the film and just can't wait to rush home and log onto Netflix to vote? Just what is Netflix's responsibility here to provide honest ratings?"
The Internet

Submission + - OiNK raided and shutdown by Dutch police

Stony Stevenson writes: British and Dutch police have shut down one of the world's largest sources of illegal pre-release music on Tuesday and arrested a 24-year-old man. The raids in Amsterdam and the northeast English city of Middlesbrough followed a two-year investigation into a members-only Web site,, which allowed users to upload and download albums before their release.

An estimated 180,000 members paid 'donations' via debit or credit cards for OiNK's catalogue of music and other media.

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