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Comment Re:Consulting (Score 1) 306

I second this. It's probably a better bet for the OP. Companies won't hesitate hiring someone with a lot of experience that won't be on their permanent payroll when they need to. Of course, it also means having a bit of job-hopping but that is part of the consulting life.

Comment Misleading article is misleading (Score 4, Insightful) 214

As a developer of entirely free Android applications (free as in "beer" and in "free of ads"), I take offense at the overgeneralization of the article to "Free Applications". If you are not a careful reader, this may lead you to think that ALL free apps are full of ads AND power eaters.
A lot of "free" apps don't have ads and don't use more power than any other app. Many behave actually way better than paid ones.
Stupid article is stupid.

Comment Re:For us non-US folk... (Score 2) 272

Your parent poster is right. Things are just "different", only in the US, because of the "why should I?" mentality. Also, your list of US companies supposedly ahead of the game is half moot: RIM is a Canadian company, Apple isn't involved in developing mobile technology - just integrating it, and Palm has never really took of.

Comment Transformer with keyboard (Score 4, Informative) 356

I own a Xoom and a Transformer. I love both.
The Xoom feels less plastic and more sturdy than the Transformer, and since the 3.2 update, the Xoom is just as great as the Transformer as used as a tablet-only. I actually prefer it to the Transformer. Now, the Transformer with the keyboard is just another piece of awesome for daily stuff.

So for your usage pattern I will definitely recommend the Transformer with the keyboard.

Comment Re:How about not admitting terrorist groups (Score 1) 735

"The Palestinians are like a family that wanders onto your property, sets up a tent on your lawn and then demands you give over your house to them because their ancestors once owned it. When you tell them to get off your lawn they then start terrorizing you and your family. What you do in response is not likely to be pretty."
This is not what History learned us. The "right to return" is a Jewish concept and not from Palestinians. That is actually Jews who are claiming back their "ancestor" land, not the other way around, and land was taken from Arabs after WWII to accommodate some people. Palestinians are being thrown away from lands they inhabited for hundred of years, just because a bunch of religious wackos read in a thousands-of-years book that this place was their holy land and they still own it. That's non-sense.

Comment Personal Projects (Score 1) 516

I can only speak for myself but the "cure" I've found to that problem is to learn Android (I'm a Java expert already, no sweat was produced) and create a publishable application on the Android Market. After half a year I am back in enjoying coding for myself, the company I work for getting more hopeless in that regard every day, and I have a neat application that is successful enough in its own niche to make me a happy coder.
For the curious and for the sake of auto-promotion, the app is Evanova, an Eve Online companion.

Comment Re:How about not admitting terrorist groups (Score 2) 735

Displacing or depriving people from basic resources, invading and killing civilians, that all sounds like terror to me. That is what Israel does to Palestine.
Maybe they aren't "terrorizing" you?
Now, regarding UN vs antisemitism, and all the bashing on your post is biased and has no actual valid source of reference. Your point is moot.

Comment Re:Really new? (Score 1) 151

No, you're wrong. It IS old, but they descoverred it.

That would make it a new discovery, not a new particle.

I would go as far as to say it is neither a new particle, or a new discovery. It is a confirmation that a particle predicted to exist by the Standard Model actually does. Which will allow for (even) more confidence in this model and more discoveries to be made.

But that is just me being pedantic ;-)

Comment Re:Android pod touch (Score 1) 102

But what's the Android counterpart to an iPod touch?

The Nexus One comes to mind...They are both about the same size, same weight, same solid feel, same responsiveness...Sometimes I mistake one for another when they sit on my desk. The big Home button on the IPod Touch reminds me I cannot call with it, that's all there is,, One advantage to the Nexus is that you don't need ITunes to put stuff on, and you can put any kind of stuff you it's better than an IPod Touch because you can use it as a USB drive :P

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