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Comment Re:COMPACT ?! It's Y.A. Enormophablet ! (Score 1) 111

Sry, that's a lady's toy.

What we want is something Sony Xperia Z1/Z3/Z5 Compact came pretty close. Approx 4.5", quite powerful, stays working after little rain, battery lasts quite long. Sony abandoned the concept in X series - Compact in that series lost the IP rating. What they should've done - add less plastic-y frame and back cover (fingerprint smudges only on screen please) and make the phone 2mm fatter to give even more battery power.

But the marketing department knew better...

Comment Re:Please, No Exponential Algorithms! (Score 1) 218

It seems that at some point they broke Win 8.1 too. Just had one (i5-4xxxU CPU) which wasn't updated for 2 years and it just wasn't able to get that done.

Just 'Searching for updates' for long time. At least 24h wasn't enough. What was enough was installing latest 8.1 Servicing Stack + latest Windows Update package - 5 minutes searching after that and the downloading of updates began.

Comment Re:I do on occasion.... (Score 1) 385

Zalman ZM-VE350 or such is very helpful in this case. Use any old hard disks and fill with .ISOs. Boot whatever you need the moment. Granted, won't work for really old computers without (proper) USB optical storage support. There are some glitches even with newer ones. But overall - very nice device. No need to hustle around with strange reflective disks.

Comment Still using... (Score 1) 385

... CD-s. Car radio is able to play MP3s but no USB mass-storage input or such. So I write music to CDs to consume in car. DVDs are not supported either. I haven't paid attention to the brand as long as it's a recognizable one - Verbatim, TDK, some more. Older discs still seem to work after some years (except when really scratched physically).

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 3, Funny) 215

Maybe we could do a Kickstarter campaign to get the eternal leader to Moon. With Flag. Should be easier that with astronauts - no need to bring back anything. One multi-stage rocket + fuel + space suit + flag. Maybe a video camera and an antenna to send the fame back to NK. Cheaper cetainly than current affairs with NK.

Comment Re:USB interface? (Score 1) 43

Difference? Probably no drivers and no support for wireless is needed from computer? No need to enter wifi passwords etc as it's preconfigured in this device. Would be nice way to provide quick access to network at some meeting or to a friend at your home? Just connect USB and you will have the connection ready in a second! ... if it's USB can act in device/slave mode. Not sure about that.

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