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Submission + - Amazon pushes bogus 'Origin of Species' ( 2

flerndip writes: " is currently confusing real editions of Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" with a bogus edition containing a fifty page foreword by Ray Comfort (noted f-tard and "creation-science" evangelist). Unfortunately, ratings for both books are being mixed up together, giving Comfort's tainted edition false positive ratings, and atheists down-rating Comfort's edition end up damaging the rating of real editions of the popular scientific literary work. You can follow the links of positive or negative user reviews of either "150'th Anniversary Edition" to find them often pointing to the wrong edition.

Pharyngula has the story and links to a youTube video explaining the situation here:"

Comment Re:GTA did it best... (Score 1) 352

Sure. Then you've got those real-world advertisers telling you what sort of content your game can feature, and the ones who actually want their logo anywhere near any simulated "grit" may suddenly be more difficult to find than initially anticipated.

When one speaks of "poisoning content with advertising", it's not just the eyesore potential that looms large. It's also very much the opening of the the flood-gates to advertisers using their financial leverage to poison the creative process that seeks their financial support.

Comment no thanks. GFWL has ruined this franchise for me (Score 1) 43

I'll pass on this and future installments of the GTA franchise. Don't get me wrong, it used to be a wonderful game. But then, Rockstar got in bed with Microsoft. No, I do NOT want to have to log into Games For Windows Live just to save my game progress. No, I do NOT want to buy a game whose developers have no patience for game modding, single-player cheating, and other such tinkering. That's like buying a sandbox on rails. Developers who charge $50+ for a game, then require you to login to two or three different "services" (dubious terminology when they are designed to "serve" entities other than the customer - Windows Genuine Advantage anyone?), drown the product in crippling and invasive DRM, and then strictly dictate how you're allowed to enjoy the product you bought...can clearly do without my patronage henceforth. I won't touch another product with Games For Windows Live on it, and my 360 red-ringed long, long ago. Only Microsoft could stick its arrogant cock into something as vibrant as PC gaming and manage to ruin it.

Comment Re:I only found these ads on.... (Score 1) 268

No, closing the popup window only causes it to open again before you can do anything else. Killing the browser from the task manager is the only safe way I've found to put a stop to it. This exact thing just tried to nail me 10 minutes ago, while editing a myspace profile. I didn't see them in the affected domain list, but sure enough myspace is hosting these criminal ads also.

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