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Comment Level of testing (Score 1) 354

i don't think there is an argument that a cab driver should speak the language of the country they are working in, and as a heavy user of Uber in London, I've never had a driver who was unable to speak to me.

If you look up the tests, you'll find that they are heavy on written English - complex comprehensions, writing short essays. I don't see why that is remotely necessary for a cab driver.

It has far more to do with the traditional cabs attempting to secure their market.

Comment Outside the car is just as important.... (Score 1) 310

Aside from all the issues posted already, the big issue for me is that the in car GPS is stuck in the car. The sort of times when I really need navigation assistance is when I am working in an unfamiliar location. Moving between client sites for example - I can be in the office, ask someone where the next meeting is, and get it into Waze there and then. One a number of occasions I've said to someone "is this it?" and showed them the screen only for them to point out that I have entered the site on the wrong side of town. If I was doing this in the car (on my own), I'd end up at the wrong place.

At the other end (and I accept that is is probably more of a European problem than a US one), it is pretty common to be parking some distance from where you actually want to be. With the phone, this is no problem, I walk with it, and my robot overlord tells me to "turn left at the end of the road". In car GPS - not so good.

I also end up driving multiple cars - hire cars, my own car, my wife's car - I don't have the time or the enthusiasm to learn how to drive the complex & infuriating in car Nav systems, the phone does it fine.

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