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Journal Journal: A night at the keyboard or morning... whatever

6:37 am - 06/22/2002 -

Here I sit in front of my screen, not having slept yet, contemplating such interesting topics as: Pepsi cola, the Slashdot Journal System, and the meaning of life. I've come to the conclusion that none of the three really matter... although Pepsi does taste pretty good.

Pepsi's marketing campaign of Britney Spears is interesting. Well, not the marketing campaign.

The Slashdot Journal System is something that I've never used before. Chances are if you are reading this, you need to go do something. I know I should be but there really is no reason for doing so. Ok, I should sleep... but why sleep? Nothing interesting ever happens when you sleep. You can give me crap about dreams and all, but lets face it, they never make sense any way.

As for the meaning of life. I figured it out. The meaning of life is that life has no meaning. Yep, it's pointless. I'm not saying that from a depressed sucidal angle either. Others before me may have figured this out, but I can back it up. I've been on this rock for 18 years now. Although less than most people around, I've already arrived at a conclusion. Take a look at everything you've ever accomplished. Ok, now look at the world around you. I'm going to take an educated guess that there has been roughly 10 billion people to ever walk this planet (I'm sure there are better numbers than my guess, work with me here). Now, take everything that you have accomplished and multiply it by 10 billion. In theory, man has made it that far. How are we doing? If you said, "wow, we've done a lot!" you may now find something better to do than read this. Otherwise, if you are like me, you realize that 10 billion is a big number. Even for as little as I've done, when I do the math, I think we should have accomplished a whole heck of a lot more. And frankly, I'm disappointed. Granted, we've had our moments. Flying to the moon was neat... but I still can't do it. We can make bombs that level cities... wonderful. We can instantly connect with people halfway around the world... only to realize that their lives are comparably as boring as our own.

What's to blame for this? I've got my suspects. Stupid people are an easy target. To me, I wonder how some people can make it through the day without destroying every bone within their body. Logic is something I understand. People who don't understand logic are... well... illogical, at least to me. We've all heard the story of the lady who went to McDonald's drivethru and bought some coffee only to proceed by driving away with it between her legs only to hit a bump some where down the road. Coffee is "hot." Be careful with "hot." I was taught this at a very young age, and it still sticks with me. The problem here wasn't that the gal put the coffee between her legs, no sir. It's that she hasn't learned a damned thing while on this rock. Either that or she has never had contact with "hot" before. Of course the story continues that she sues Mickey D's and wins X million dollars. The jury apparently had never had contact with "hot" either. Luckily, I speculate the judge once attended a "campfire" where there was this mostly-orangish-red thing that he later learned was "hot." He reduced the amount of the win by a few pennies, just enough so that the coffee-lady would never have to work again- living in some mansion on the beach.

But, maybe it's for the better. We don't need those people in society anyway. Once in a while, someone comes along and cancels out a couple stupid people. In fact, my theory of why we haven't made it anywhere revolves around this idea. Let's try this: let's say there have been, and this is a real stretch, 30% of all mankind has actually made a positive influence on this place. That would leave the other 70% with the coffee-lady. Over the years the 30% has been battling trying to get us to where we are today. All of a sudden, it makes perfect sense why we haven't made it anywhere. Mmm, Pepsi.

Well, there's enough rambling's for a day, enjoy.

--UPDATE-- 2 hours later
On the other side of things, I just reread the entry and I can no longer determine if I just ripped off a Dilbert or not. Plagerism is not good... but I no longer know if what you just read was original or surfaced from the subconcious of my brain, as I have yet to sleep but something is bothering me about this. But, whatcha gonna do? Unless you are Scott Adams, in which case I ask that you not sue me. Please.

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