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Comment Re:No tilt.. so lets move it over the ocean? (Score 2) 152

Transporting on land will be the easy part. They will use a Goldhofer trailer that has hydraulic leveling axles that will keep the entire deck of the trailer flat and level. But, if it was my equipment, I would make sure their is a large gap from the trailer to the actual magnets so it doesn't affect my control systems for steering the trailer. For the barge, odd are that they will leave the magnet on the Goldhofer trailer. That way, the trailer can keep it from twisting and tilting if the barge does.

Comment Price is key... (Score 5, Interesting) 207

Currently, I pay around $400-$600 per truck tire in my fleet and this is using my national fleet account from Bridgestone. I would hate to see what the price of this tire is going to be. The current prices are already hard to swallow when I have 80 Heavy-Haul trucks and over 200 trailers. That is a lot of tires!

Comment Re:Weight-mile tax (Score 1) 281

I'm sorry to say this, but you are completely wrong. The trucking industry is at its limit for cheaper freight. The biggest issue is the fuel costs and the mileage we get with trucks today. The newer trucks usually only get around 4-6 MPG. It's because of all the EPA bs.

Why do you think the price of a gallon of milk increased back when the cost of fuel went up? Taxing the trucking industry even more is the wrong way to go and it will hurt the economy even more.

If you want to tax someone, tax the people that don't carpool.

Comment Large loads... (Score 3, Interesting) 281

I understand what these truckers go through everyday. My company is currently hauling the largest I-beam bridge girders ever built in the midwest. The beam alone is 186 feet long which puts us at an overall length around 240-260 feet. The current issue is the routing provided by each states permitting offices. Some will have you scout the route and hand it in to them so they can authorize it with a permit. But, others will not do that and force you onto the worst roads you could ever be on. Another issue is the rest of traffic on the road. We have fools on a regular basis act like idiots around us especially when we are making a turn. But, we usually have police assistance for the bigger loads to stop the idiots out there.

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