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Submission + - Fleshing Out The Tech For a New Restaurant

flatass writes: I have been approached by a long time friend asking for me to handle the technology side of his new restaurant. Given the following facts, I fear for our success and thus turn to the masses at Slashdot: While i have nearly two decades of IT system implementations experience, I have never thought about how to apply it to a restaurant. My friend has never started/owned a restaurant. Arguably, now may not be the best time for starting a new restaurant. So with the odds against us already, what systems or combination of systems make the most sense? I want to be able to do as much remote management of the systems as is feasible. Everything will be net-new, from the phone system, to the POS, TV/Cable, Music etc. Should I consider Comcast for business or do a more traditional ISP and Phone Co approach?

Mars Polar Cap Mystery Solved 77

Matt_dk writes "Scientists are now able to explain why Mars' residual southern ice cap is misplaced, thanks to data from ESA's Mars Express spacecraft (the same probe running the 'Mars Webcam'). It turns out the martian weather system is to blame. And so is the largest impact crater on Mars — even though it is nowhere near the south pole. Like Earth, Mars has frozen polar caps, but unlike Earth, these caps are made of carbon dioxide ice as well as water ice. During the southern hemisphere's summer, much of the ice cap sublimates, a process in which the ice turns straight back into gas, leaving behind what is known as the residual polar cap. The mystery was that while the winter cap is symmetrical about the south pole, the residual cap was offset, and scientists couldn't figure out why."

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