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Submission + - T-Mobile UK Blocking OpenVPN/Secure Mail

flash2011 writes: The war on network neutrality continues. T-Mobile UK have been found to be blocking OpenVPN and secure mail connections for new prepaid SIMs. They appear to be messing up these connections using fake RST packets, similar to how the Great Firewall of China disrupts connections (Comcast also used this method to disrupt bittorrent).

The original analysis that Cory Doctorow links to is here

Comment Re:Sounds cool (Score 1) 156

Whilst we know Verizon don't install Carrier IQ it is not possible for them to collect this information without installing another brand of spyware:

Verizon Wireless Now Collecting Your Web, Location, App Data

And remember your "opt-out" only opts you out of them the data for specific purposes defined in the opt-out. It doesn't stop them using the data for other purposes.

Comment Re:Deutsche Telekom still doesn't want T-Mobile (Score 4, Insightful) 51

It annoys me that people keep spouting this FUD, that if AT&T doesn't buy T-Mobile there are no other potential major bidders T-Mobile may break up and sell off assets piece-by-piece or shutdown completely.

Off the top of my head I can see multiple potential bidders for T-Mobile at the right price (not the AT&T "I am rebuilding my monopoly price").

For example it would make sense for both Telefónica (which already has a major presence in the Americas) or América Móvil (which also has a major presence in the Americas, with almost twice as many subscribers in Mexico as T-Mobile has in the United States. Both could find strong synergies in buying T-Mobile, up selling additional services to the Hispanic community.

Vodafone as well has long wanted to use their own brand in the United States (especially since they are only a minority shareholder in Verizon wireless). The could sell their Verizon Wireless stake and use the money to buy T-Mobile.

It could even make sense for China Telecom as they already plan to launch Wireless Service in the USA next year.

I am sure I am just scratching the surface of potential bidders so please, please stop the "OMG, T-Mobile will shut down if AT&T doesn't buy them" FUD.


Submission + - Facebook censoring links

An anonymous reader writes: Try this experiment on facebook: post a comment to your status "Just in case you didn't know about this great resource:" along with a link to Project Gutenberg. I'm betting you'll get the "oh, gee, something went wrong, try later" message. Then try agian, but make it a link to Amazon. Funny how that works fine. Do you have to pay FB to allow posting links to your site, or can you pay them not to publish links to some sites? Can you find any other forbidden sites?

Submission + - Verizon Begins Taking Away Your Remaining Privacy (

flash2011 writes: Recently Verizon changed its home internet TOS to by default share your location with advertisers. Now Verizon Wireless has also changed its privacy policy to by default share your web browsing history, cell phone location and app usage as well. Whilst there have been a few stories on these changes, internet forums have largely been quiet. Where is the outrage? Or have we just come to accept that ISPs are going to sell our personal information and web browsing habits?

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