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Comment A big fan of quitting without notice (Score 1) 765

I've quit without notice twice. In both cases the employers were maliciously incompetent--I was sure I wanted to burn the bridge, sink the boats, and raze the village. The last thing I wanted was a good reference from these people. In both cases, the companies went out of business--shocker.

In other cases I've given a month+ notice because I worked for great people and cool companies, I just had found a better opportunity.

Comment Re:Hands On? (Score 5, Informative) 58

I've spent a decent amount of time with HoloLens including trying out the included apps and I can say this is very impressive. The small FOV makes it hard to use as an extra (infinite) set of monitors. But you can definitely get the feel for how this future will work from this device--it's surprisingly fast, lightweight, and produces some great looking graphics.

You can indeed slap windows in the real world and they'll stay there forever. And, people/objects in the real world will occlude your windows when they move in front of it.

It's really kind of awesome.

Comment Uh, not much of a leak (Score 1) 71

Microsoft told me this during the public demos they gave out a few months back. This isn't secret information.

BTW it's awesome and really works--it has a low FOV, but you kind of forget about it. One question I couldn't get it running Windows RT? It's the only way I figure they can get that much battery life out of Windows on a chipset that fits in a headset.

Comment Uh....not quite (Score 1) 904

I don't know where the tipping point is, but having owned an EV (well, a Volt) for a year I can say it's not any time soon. Here in California, electricity is as expensive (if not more so) than gas. There's still sparse charging infrastructure, and even if there wasn't--until you can get at least 50% of a charge in the same amount of time it takes to fill a gas car's tank up, I don't think we'll see this tipping point. It still takes 30 minutes to "quick charge" a Leaf. Otherwise, EV use will still require owning a home to have your own high-speed charger, and the concept home ownership is a relic of the past for most people aside from the extremely rich (for whom a Tesla is the equivalent of a Toyota Corolla).

Comment Re:Contracts (Score 2) 131

There's just not a lot of funding sources for games--this is likely the only deal they could get of this size.

Unfortunately, it's common for publishers to demand radical changes in game projecgts without any schedule or budget modification. This has sunk many studios--it's one of the reasons why there aren't many mid-sized game studios left. Large publishers always prioritize their internal projects--external developers get the shaft.

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