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Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 73

It boggles my mind to think that somewhere there is a upper management or C-suite executive that hatched and implemented this scheme and went home that day thinking 'job well done'. I wonder if his wife and kids are proud of him.

Actually I think this type of behavior probably is done by groups of people (committees, boards, etc) where they can feel like it's OK - as long as nobody disagrees, everyone else is OK with it too, so it can't be THAT bad.

a room full of group think yes men (and women) could spin something like this idea to make it sound less evil than it is. Sure.

Or maybe they (BB) are hemorrhaging so much cash as they are pushed into the rubbish bin of electronics history that they were desperate to save this cash to keep the lights on. I don't know how bad off BB is but I know they are having a really bad time compared to their heyday.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 3, Informative) 73

"once they had accepted employment there, handed them resignation letters"

Isn't resignation something the employee hands to the employer, not the other way around? Am I missing something here, or is this just shoddy journalism?

It's sort of a "you're fired, here's your resignation letter."

It seems to be implied that there were termination benefits (Severance package) at both companies, Blackberry and also the 2nd company. By signing the resignation letters at the 2nd company they may have been bribed by some kind of severance package that is much less than what they would have got from BB.

If they refused to sign the letter they got nothing. Thus the agreement to sign a resignation letter they didn't write.

By transferring them to the second company it relieves BB from the obligations of the (assumed) much larger BB severance package.

Dirty underhanded shenanigans either way. Thus the lawsuit that I presume BB will lose.

Comment Re:Predictions based on Samsung Ownership (Score 1) 146

Since this new phone (and the S7 and the S6 and probably the S5) will have adequate memory and processor to do all of what most people need to do on a computer, hooking up a big display, KB and mouse will finally get us realistic device convergence. ONE device that does all we need and we can have it with us all day.

Of course, when it falls into the toilet we're REALLY screwed because ... we only have the one device.

Comment Re:So it you watch someone draw the pattern... (Score 2) 147

They can be beat, but it's not *easy*. Second, if you reset the phone, or shut just shut it off, it requires the passcode when it reboots.

The the couple times I've been pulled over (speeding and a bad brake light), I've turned my iPhone off before the office came to my car. Nothing happened and they didn't ask or care about my phone, but it's a good idea anyway.

excellent idea. Insightful and underrated.

Comment Re:Stock ROMs are shit (Score 1) 215

A better reason for custom roms is to be able to keep up with Android updates when the device supplier has ended the support for the device.

Yeah so where is the definitive place to go to get these roms? I've got a galaxy S3 from Verizon that I still use as a device, I'd like to update it to the latest possible.

Comment Re:most of those reasons have in common (Score 1) 257

Most of those reasons for pirating are because they can't get the content very easily in a legal way. I guess most people are willing to pay, as long as it doesn't get too complicated.

Here's another wrinkle that goes along with your point.

I pay for Amazon Prime. Therefore I am allowed to watch The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear "sequel."

It works on my smart TV but I can NOT get it to play on my PC. Windows 10. Multiple browsers tried. WILL NOT PLAY. I log in, it says click here to play, will not play. Not bothering to figure it out.

Now, a completely unrelated topic I would like to bring up is that apparently Grand Tour is very heavily pirated.

Comment Re:*Up to* mumble-mumble bps (Score 1) 142

Not if they're the same company (as it seemed like you were asking for)

You're right, if the home/mobile internet source are the same company and there is only one company doing that then it would be a monopoly. But if there is more than one company offering a one-source ISP solution then that is not a monopoly.

Comment Re:*Up to* mumble-mumble bps (Score 1) 142

I want to have ONE subscription to THE internet

Monopolistic buyouts will someday make this "dream" a reality. You pay for connectivity, not for a subscription to "the Internet" as if it's some sort of monolithic service.

If you want a big wired pipe, it's better for pricing and for it to be a competitor to cellular providers.

I definitely see your point, monopolies are not desired. But, you're assuming there won't be competition between the home&mobile internet providers.

Comment Re:*Up to* mumble-mumble bps (Score 1) 142

Thanks to the limits of physically available bandwidth, the bandwidth appetites of consumers for HD, 4K, 8K, 16K! streaming video and the ever-increasing population density of cities, your dream will always be just that: a dream. We will never satisfy all bandwidth appetites in dense urban areas with a ubiquitous, robust, single wireless solution that also works out in the boonies.

Just settle in and prepare for a confederation of wired, satellite, long distance wireless, cellular wireless, in room high frequency wireless, and other connectivity options all pushed by competing vendors (and, as compared to the telcom monopolies of old, I'd say that's a good, or at least preferable, thing.)

What if the burden of high data capacity for at-home HD streaming didn't fall on the mobile wifi infrastructure? What if there was a wired/wireless solution from one vendor?

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