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Submission + - Creation Museum now open

flanksteak writes: Several media outlets sent reporters to tour the new Creation Museum in Kentucky. The AP story is at the SF Chronicle, but a longer and more in depth article is at Salon (must watch ad first). All I can say is, Wow, some people's self-denial knows almost no bounds.
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Submission + - Woman has house robbed after fake Craigslist post

flanksteak writes: The Seattle Times is reporting that a woman in nearby Tacoma had her rental property stripped of almost everything after someone posted a fake craigslist announcement that everything in the house could be hauled away no questions asked. When contacted, craigslist said they would release data about the poster if they were issued a subpoena.

Submission + - New Florida Governor Wants E-Voting Paper Trail

flanksteak writes: New Florida governor Charlie Crist held a press conference today in which he offered up $32 million to make sure all Florida votes are backed by paper trails by the 2008 election. Election supervisors have the option to retrofit paperless machines if they already have them, but a paper trail will be a requirement.

Submission + - Feds to recommend paper trail for electronic votes

flanksteak writes: The National Institute of Standards and Technology is going to recommend the decertification of all electronic voting machines that don't create paper records. Although it sounds like this recommendation may have been in the works for a while, the recent issues in Sarasota, FL (18,000 missing votes) have brought the issue a higher profile. The most interesting comment in the story comes near the end, in which the author cites a study that said paper trails from electronic voting machines aren't all they're cracked up to be.

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