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Comment Re:I'm working on apps without passwords (Score 1) 124

"Someone hacks the server..."

Securing authentication servers isn't a new problem. User authentication on headless devices is.

The problem the article identifies is when someone loses their watch. Your suggestion authenticates the watch, but what really needs to be authenticated here is the user.

Comment Re:But this is a new low... (Score 2) 226

"Voters are often idiots though."

Of course we are. Or more generously, we're not all qualified to govern, we have other trades. That's why we have a Republic, with representatives to figure out the governing stuff for us.

Nearly all of us have somewhere in our circle of known people somebody we consider wiser than us in such matters, who we'd be happy to have represent our interests in government.

There are just two problems. The ratio of citizens to congressmen has gone from a max of 60,000:1 to today's approximately 700,000:1. There used to be a possibility to personally know the representative, and regardless it wasn't that hard to meet with him. Now you might get a minute to talk with him during his election campaign or the county fair if you try real hard.

The other problem is the one Lessig discusses. Realistically, we don't get to nominate our representatives, we only get to vote from among the nominees that monied interests pre-selected for us.

So no, we can't vote in hard-working reformers, because even if reformers could attract some funding from the grassroots, even if we managed to elect one or two, the installed base of legislators and executives alike are already bought and paid for, and they stymie any reform. How much did Ron and Rand Paul accomplish - do we audit the Federal Reserve? Did they stop warrantless citizen surveillance? How much have Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren changed the system? How's McCain - Feingold campaign finance reform going?

Voters are not in charge. Never in our lifetime have they been.

Comment Re:But this is a new low... (Score 4, Informative) 226

"Politicians are a reflection of voters"
+1 Funny

What they tell you on your cereal box isn't entirely accurate. If you can find 20 minutes every two years to go vote, perhaps you can also come up with 20 minutes once in your life to watch this TED talk by Lawrence Lessig and learn how american electoral politics really works.

Comment Re:No guilt for you (Score 1) 286

Well, you shouldn't feel guilty for things you didn't do. That's obvious.

What seems to be less obvious to you is that nor should you nonchalantly accept past crimes and with a wave of your hand dismiss the grievances of a wronged people.

"The war is over" is the biggest historical cop-out ever heard. As long as morality is equated to victory in war, there will be no peace.

So don't feel guilty about past generations' war crimes. Feel guilty about your own imperialist moralism.

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