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Comment Re:There really is no proof the hackers are from I (Score 2) 194

This is stupid many time there is a story about hacking and a IP coming from that 'third world country' (insert name here China[ ], Iran [x], Russia [ ], all other[ ]......), someone assume that a person local to that country did all the job. What if that IP in Iran was not secured ? What if that person actually used the internet and connected to that IP in Iran from somewhere else (doh). There is a ton of non-patched OS, vulnerable IP out there. Some peoples shouldn't use the internet (or for that matter shouldn't make conclusions or assumptions on 'too technical stuff')

Comment Re:Blackawton ? (Score 1) 174

I agree with you there, I would neither as a Ph. D. candidate submit a paper without references and with smileys in the text. Good classic research in my opinion, need to be standard form, and I do not think I would have made the try to not refer to previous research even if my team is a class of 8yo. He could have added the references into an addendum online or publish a separate paper completing and referring to this article, I think I would have done that.

But, this paper is exceptional nevertheless and the principal author made the choice to not include references and explained why. It is exceptional maybe not by the extent of the paper (scientific impact) but by initiating very young scientist to science with real science (except references ;-) ). I had my first paper as an undergraduate, still pretty soon if I looked around at the time compared to the rest of my group.

Having 8yo, I would have been very proud today to have participated in this, and make me think that scientific literacy can be achieved sooner than in college. What I remember when I was that age, I went to my teacher and asked him : when will we do paleontology, planetary science and dinosaurs studies: he told me : that is not this year, not the next year, not in high school, but not before college maybe. I can say that this was not one of the best answers I had in my life. If someone had a practical answer to my question at the time, I would not have loose so much time before starting university...

Comment Re:Blackawton ? (Score 2) 174

And one little thing I noticed on the paper itself when I read the full text (free in html or pdf through the web site) - they didn't cite any sources. Few publications would allow that these days, I would have expected that their corresponding (last) author would have added in some sources to establish the background at the least.

While I agree that the absence of source may be a problem in most cases of publishing a scientific paper, the corresponding author explain in the abstract why it would not be a good idea to publish this article with references. The research is still original, 8yo or not, and well at least they do not try to hide the fact that there is no references.

Comment Re:ok i'll say it (Score 1) 620

Actually, since these were paid for with real money and are basically "one month subscriptions" to the game they have as much value as any subscription to a service.

Possibly that the guy who loose it all is billionnaire ingame (he's a an alliance director and corporation CEO) and buy it with ingame money from other people selling PLEX on the market. No difference with any other items. and BTW a Titan class ship cost like 5 times that loss (80 B+ ISK) and these die too =)

Comment Re:For different users? (Score 1) 496

I must agree. I haven't used Linux in a while. I was using it as a desktop on a box and as a firewall on another. I was using Slackware (~7.0) and well, as far as I was able to tell, I could do anything with it. Switch desktop manager, disable everything, just do FTP serv, burn CD... etc.. I am wondering why one would fit better to a non-expert user than another. It is not all the same ?

Comment Re:No difference than the Christian cult (Score 1) 802

"That's a very poor argument. You can swap out "church" for almost any other childhood activity. For example, soccer:"

A soccer coach has less scope for compelling sodomy than does a priest representing an imaginary celestial friend.


If we isolate variables, for all setbacks being equal for church and soccer (abuses, brainwashing, training), maybe soccer teach tactics, teamwork and make you healthy. I don't know what is the 'altar boy experience' is giving as an advantage in this context.

BTW, soccer coaches aren't paying hundreds of millions of dollars in pedophilia settlement money.

But adult soccer players may be payed millions of dollar! Not adult altar boy.

PS: I am no altar boy nor a soccer player...

Data Storage

Submission + - Would you buy a $2,400.00 80 gig Flash Hard Drive? (

PoconoPCDoctor writes: "Well, flash hard drives are coming. The question does not seem to be anymore about performance, as the new flash-based hard drives are speedy indeed. But at $30.00 bucks per gigabyte, the question for the average consumer or geek is — would you buy one?

from the TechRepublic article -

Utah-based start-up Fusion-io has just launched its first product, the ioDrive. It is a PCI Express-based flash storage card that can pack hundreds of gigabytes of flash storage into a single board, potentially replacing banks of high-performance hard drives.

According to the company, the ioDrive will be start at 80 GB and scale to 320 and 640 GB next year. Plans for a 12 TB card is also in the works by the end of 2008. Housing multiple cards in a single computer for extra performance and fault tolerance will also be possible.

Just how fast is the ioDrive? According to Fusion io's CTO, David Flynn, the card has 160 parallel pipelines that can read data at 800 megabytes per second and write at 640 MB/sec. In a benchmarking test with a worst case scenario of 4k blocks and eight simultaneous 1 GB read and write operations, the ioDrive clocked in at 100,000 operations per second.

"That would have just thrashed a regular hard drive," said Flynn.

Your wallet takes a thrashing as well!"


Submission + - How to profit out of the climate change ( 1

bigpepi writes: "As I was searching for resources, that show what the economic impacts of global warming will be, I found the site The site contains articles, a message board and book reviews. I will visit the site in future regular, as this is a really interesting topic."
The Internet

Submission + - Does the Slashdot moderation system still work? 1

An anonymous reader writes: Recently I have noticed a trend among my posts on Slashdot: Very few of them are ever moderated in any way. I can insightful, informative, funny or trolly, but only a lucky few posts ever stray from the default score. In my current post history, two posts out of 24 have gotten any moderation. Browsing through threads shows a similar trend: There's hardly anything but "Score: 1" out there.

So, is there any use for a moderation system where most posts are never affected at all? And as a question for the admins, what is the current ration of moderations to posts? It would seem to be far below 1 at the moment, and this does not seem a very good state of affairs.

Submission + - SDF Public Access UNIX System Celebrates 20 Years (

Stephen Jones writes: "The SDF Public Access UNIX System Celebrates 20 Years!

It was on June 16th, 1987 that the SDF-1 received its first caller at
300bps. This little Apple ][e BBS of the late 80s turned into a Public
Access UNIX System with the demise of "" during the
"Operation Sundevil" raids. Since then it has grown to become the oldest
and largest continually operating PUBNIX on the planet."

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