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Comment Why is it "shameful"? (Score 5, Insightful) 579

There are obvious differences in general in how men and women tend to socialize. We should own up to these differences and stop pretending they do not exist.

It's not like there is anyone out there telling women that they cannot contribute to Wikipedia or Open Source projects or even Redis. If you want to participate, then just DO it already.

And so, I find the attempts to "attract women" just so we can continue to hide our heads in the sand about the natural skew of participation due to NO ONE'S FAULT to be a wash.

I welcome women, of course, but don't believe in these rather condescending "outreach" programs. They always fail because they all are about ignoring the hard realities of human nature.

Comment It's not about "Terrorism". It's about CONTROL. (Score 1) 242

Let's face facts. The actual number of REAL terrorists is, well, just a handful of people in the US, and you can probably count them on your fingers. If any. And did all their spying and sifting though all of our electronic communications stop, say, the Boston Marathon Bombers? Nope.

This is about control of your average citizen. If they are watching everything we say and do, they will know the instant one of us says something they consider a "threat". And just what is it that they consider a "threat", anyway? Blowing up a building? Nope.

It's thoughts and ideas that they consider a threat. Thoughts and ideas that might, for example, lead to the people realizing that they no longer "need" government so much anymore, now that were are so hyper-connected. Eventually more and more of us will realize we can do thing more efficiently ourselves, and render many of the government functions superannuated.

Yes, my friends. The real "threat" is that we may render government irrelevant by way of creating alternative infrastructures.

Once they catch wind something like that is budding, mark my words they will come along and nip it in the bud. By whatever means they choose.

I say all this at risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist. I hope I am wrong on all of this, but I am just trying to understand everything that is going on now. You have to ask yourselves what is the real plan since there is not enough "terrorism" to justify these enormous efforts and assaults to our basic freedom, liberty, and privacy.

Comment Re:The market is rigged already (Score 2) 76

I really think using bikes is a bad analogy (unless you are discussing Futures markets, but even then!!)

They are exchanging one token for another. They are exchanging the money tokens for corporate tokens (in the case of the equities market). The only real thing you can do with most corporate tokens these days is to trade it back for the money tokens.

Some stocks, a few, still pay dividends, but most do not. And voting rights??? Hahaha! Unless you can own 51% of the corporate stock, your votes are nothing. And in many cases some owners DO maintain 51% just to quell the voice of the other stock holders....

The market is not "rigged", per se, but neither is it the smooth-talking bit that many try to sell you on. The true nature of the stock market is a zero-sum game, a free-running and legalized Ponzi scheme. And when I say zero-sum, I mean it in the mathematical sense. It kills me that some of our specialized and technical jargon has slipped out into the popular media and have taken on completely different meanings than were intended.

Comment Simpler approach... (Score 4, Insightful) 280

A simpler approach is to have a few high-entropy passwords and append a value at the end that is unique to each website using some self-created rule for it that is easy for you to remember. I would speak on how I do this but I won't for obvious reasons. :p

A great way to remember your passwords is to use them often. The more the better.

What kills me is that different sites have different password restrictions that infuriates me. Some force you to use "special characters", others forbid it. Some force you to use a combination of letters and numbers, and many force you to use at least one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter. Some even restrict how long your password can be!!!!

This wrecks havoc with my high-entropy passwords that now becomes useless or needing to be altered, as in capitalizing a letter that I totally forget about later...

Comment Why do we need this??? (Score 1) 376

Today, no one is blocking or impeding women or "minorities" -- whatever that means -- from getting into programming. Lots of online tutorials, places to try writing a few lines of code, and of course, tons of downloads you can make to get started. All you need is an Internet connection. What Google is doing will fail miserably. The reason why certain cultural groups are "underrepresented" in our programming culture are many, and deep-seated. I do find it amusing that women are "underrepresented", given the enormous kickoffs of 2 women, Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper. What could be more inviting? As long as it remains free for anyone who cares to jump in can, I don't see a problem.

Comment Sehr gut! (Score 1) 123

I am glad the FDA can't keep up with health apps. Can you imaging how much it would stifle innovation? The health monitor that comes installed with Samsung Galaxy smart phones is wonderful. It quietly monitors my daily walking and lets me know when I hit my goal. I could hope for other biomonitors too, like something that can monitor blood chemistry and the like. We can have independent bodies rate how well these things work, and also how please the current users are with them. And actually, we have a lot of that in place already. And if I choose to write a health app myself, I really don't want to be burdened with bureaucratic oversight for something that is not a life and death issue, from all the countries my apps may be used in.

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