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Submission + - China's Shenzhou VII to launch manned space flight (xinhuanet.com)

flajann writes: "The Shenzhou VII spaceship has been transported to the Jiuquan launching pad in northwest China's Gansu Province. This means China's third manned space flight is now in its final stage of preparation. Engineers say if the fine weather continues, Shenzhou VII can expect to blast off late next week.

        The Shenzhou VII rocket was transported in an upright position bundled together with the manned spacecraft, the escape tower and the Long March propelling rocket.

        This combined structure moved along a 1500-meter-long rail, at a precise speed of 28 meters per minute.

        Accompanying engineers also kept a close eye on wind-speed, just in case wind-velocity exceeded 10 meters per second. They were careful to make 2 stops, just to check the state of the equipment.

        Zhang Jianqi, Director of China's manned space program said "Transportation causes vibrations. And if the frequency of the vehicle's vibration matches that of the rocket's, this can damage parts of the spacecraft. We must make sure that doesn't happen. "

        The whole process took just over an hour. Now firmly positioned in its launching pad, Shenzhou VII is all set to take off with three astronauts on board next week. One of them is scheduled to take a walk in outer space."

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Submission + - Second Life: local news article

flajann writes: ""It was perhaps inevitable the imaginative world of arcade games would be imbedded in the online community to create a world where people could go to find anything they needed and become whatever they imagined."

Second Life Article in Union Leader, Merrimack NH

This is my avatar in Second Life that made front-page news here. It is nice to see the rest of the world taking notice of what we're doing and creating online! The article also mentions how big business is begining to take a serious look at Second Life as well — presumably to hit us with more of their ads. Well, it's a mixed blessing."

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