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Comment Anyway to get Obama detained at the border? (Score -1, Troll) 763

Anyway to get Obama detained at the border?

I'm thinking, domestic terrorist, traitor, illegal immigrant, muslim sympathizer, or something like that?

Too bad the Presidency can't be outsourced.

He'd be singing a different tune to that little Indian dance he did. ..

I guess the shellacking at the polls last week wasn't clear enough for him.

What's it gonna take?

Comment Maybe the commander should have .. (Score 0) 285

Maybe the Military Commander should have used a different map?

I know the German Army used Michelin Guides when it invaded France in 1940, but google maps?

Please .... Tom Tom would have been a better alternative.

Google misidentifies 5 of the local village around Newton, MA.

It is almost qualifies as military "misinformation"

Invaders will head out to destroy the Dams on the Charles River to flood Cambridge but only find the T station and local shopping area instead.

Waiting for the T will hold up operations for days.

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