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Submission + - Which eBook path is best for self-published books? 1

inflex writes: After successfully self publishing my wife's fantasy novel in dead-tree format using LyX, GIMP and Inkscape in Linux, we're now trying to choose the best path to take in order to release it as an e-book. There are many options available to us — Amazon, Lightning Source, Google's ePub or finally ordinary plain PDF. Optimistally we'd love to go with PDF but are worried about blatent copying, contract lock-in, distribution and compatibility with the multitude of eBook readers.

Submission + - What I Learned From Being a Reality TV Character - (

MicroBerto writes: One year ago, I was thrown into a reality TV pilot titled Crash Test, which aired on Spike TV on April 27th, 2010. On Crash Test, we used top-notch stuntmen and stuntwomen to recreate accidents and crime scenes to see who was really guilty or innocent.

I was the “biomedical scientist” of the bunch, and took measurements to determine if the real-life accidents would have really occurred in our simulations had we not been using professional stuntmen and women. Here is what I learned from being the geek on the set of a Reality TV show.

Comment Re:If he's smart... (Score 1) 1079

If his account is correct he shouldn't have a problem beating the charges provided they can locate a witness or video, and with them he's got a slam dunk civil rights suit against DOHS

If his account is correct he'll have a hard time either beating the charges or winning a civil rights suit. If you leave a vehicle during a traffic stop and refuse an order to get back into the vehicle, your behavior is generally considered threatening enough to give law enforcement requisite cause to detain you for a patdown. In the US, the relevant SCOTUS case is Terry v. Ohio and in Canada they have R. v. Mann. At this point, you are in a legal state midway between freedom and arrest and further noncompliance with demands is resisting arrest. Since his account does not include any necessity of medical treatment, it's unlikely that any excessive force used was of such a degree to make a "slam dunk" case. It's nevertheless disappointing that this event occurred but he obviously was terribly mistaken about the extent of his legal rights once he was stopped and began refusing law enforcement demands. I have no doubt that the same chain of events could easily occur if one was to resist a legitimate patdown in Canada.

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