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Comment Re:How is this different from Make(27)? (Score 1) 56

Cool, I'm not familiar with your project, but I'll check it out —I love Roomba hacking! I remember seeing Phil Torrone at SXSWi make a huge Frogger game using Roombas, you could play from the rooftops. Super cool. Well, I can't comment specifically on why it's different until I read up on what exactly you guys did, but I think one big differentiator for Pinoccio is under the "Why It's Awesome" section on this page: We didn't get into it with this demo yet, but it would be pretty easy for us to attach sensors to the Rover, and have it publish data up to our API. Then another Pinoccio, or a web app (for example) could subscribe to that feed and, say, make real-time visualizations with the data. It's easy to imagine scientific applications for this. Would have been really useful after Fukushima, for example. We haven't done a great job of explaining our API yet, but it will have a PubSub model, where Pinoccio can listen to a channel / topic and react ("actuate") when certain criteria are met. Let us know if you have more questions, we're happy to answer!

Comment Re:iPhone in an "open" hardware project? (!?) (Score 1) 56

Hey Lod, this is Sally from Pinoccio. You don't have to use an iPhone at all. You can use ANY device that has an accelerometer. You can even use your laptop with Chrome or Safari —basically, any device that exposes the accelerometer via the web browser. If you want to see if the device that you're using right now is supported, go to the Web Rover page and try the "Test Drive Your Accelerometer" simulator. Also, the controls are kind of secondary to this project. You could put together a web page with buttons to steer the Rover instead if you like. We wanted to create controls that would "read" well in the video —you can see the motions that my hands are making, and easily see the effect it's having on the Rover. This wouldn't have been clear if we had put together a page with buttons. Thanks for the comment!
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Submission + - DIY Web-Controlled Robot that takes 1 hour to build (

fixpert writes: "We hooked up Pinoccio (an Open Source, wireless Arduino-compatible microcontroller) to a Pololu 3pi Robot to create an unmanned rover that can be driven via the Web. We posted a quick video where you can see us driving our Web Rover in Nevada all the way from Brazil. We used the iPhone's built-in accelerometer as a super-intuitive interface for driving the bot. You can read all about the project — how we built it, what you need to make your own (including source code), and a simulator of the accelerometer interface that you can play with. We're hoping to make Pinoccio the perfect platform for Software Developers to learn how to hack on DIY hardware."

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