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Comment Re:Visa Success? (Score 3, Informative) 165

Yes. And even the guy who knows his shit will often do things on the UI side that make absolutely no sense to a westerner. Their cultural background is so different that they just don't know what's acceptable and what isn't. My company's IT support division has a group somewhere in India and it's very frustrating trying to get anything useful out of them.

Comment Re: Liability (Score 1) 500

The word of the day is: "Neoliberal." Means something completely different from "liberal" and you will note that the entire US political system operates on neoliberal guiding principles -- they just pretend not to. Read Shock Doctrine for an excellent introduction. Another word that applies here to John Deere is "rentseeking."

Comment Re:Oh, shucks (Score 4, Interesting) 109

The direct Dreamliner flight from JFK (and back to ORD) is actually quite nice. Wish they went back to JFK though. Most of RJ's long haul fleet are Dreamliners and it's a nice airplane. On-board staff are friendly and accommodating. Jordan is not a fundamentalist Islamic country where the women cover their heads and say nothing. The royal family are very progressive and people in Jordan are pretty normal.

Comment Re:Well done USA... (Score 1) 109

It really is about the only place an American could go to safely experience Arab daily life, culture, and history, along with meeting nice people and eating fantastic food. It is a (fragile) island in a sea of crazy violence, and if Jordan falls it will be yet another massive tragedy in the Middle East.

Comment Lo-tech cars only.... do it for the privacy. (Score 1) 130

" Retailers, advertisers, marketers, product planners, financial analysts, government agencies, and so many others will eagerly pay to get access to that information."

And that is why nobody will ever find my name on the title of a GM product. Or, I suppose, anything recent enough to phone home on its own.

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