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Comment Re:I call nonsense on their conclusion. (Score 1) 69

Conclusion: "That really suggests that yes, blind individuals appear to be doing math with their visual cortex,"

Algebra calls for pattern recognition... and the visual cortex is VERY good at pattern recognition.

uhh..? You called nonsense on their conclusion, then basically restated their conclusion.

Comment This is easy. (Score 1) 199

Prioritize all my traffic. The only people who will have a problem with this are those who don't know how to prioritize their traffic. This creates a "The haves VS. the have-nots" situation, which is beneficial to society by creating frustrations, schisms, anger, delays, and potentially loss-of-life as e911 systems aren't prioritized by those who don't know how. Or, you know, we could keep the Internet EXACTLY as-is, which fosters incredible growth, economy, and anyone has the chance to be the next big thing

Comment There's only 1 reason. (Score 1) 61

There's only 1 reason for this - and it is NOT to alleviate confusion of consumers. Instead, it's to help prevent them from ASKING in the first place. Why would the customer ask about something they can't see and thus, aren't made aware of? It's pretty close to a bait-and-switch in my opinion, in that the customer thinks they are getting one thing, and are really getting another. I'd wager there "y" series is a little more expensive than it ordinarily would be too. /end rant.

Comment ...except for the biggest one. (Score 1) 46

"we virtually eliminated many types of streaming errors." - except, you know, the issue of the video stopping playback in the middle of watching because it won't buffer the remaining video. It's the *only* issue of playback I've had for years. Recently, youtube started blaming connection problems, but everyone knows that isn't the issue at all. Anyone else experience errors being fixed? Because I've only had 1 and it isn't fixed.

Comment uh-oh... (Score 3, Insightful) 104

I'm an AVAST user. For years, AVG has been well-known to bring good computers to their knees. I specifically remember an entire classroom of computers slowing to a near stand-still because AVG initiated a scan. Presentations had to be halted, etc... For years afterward, every computer that had AVG was very slow and when switched to AVAST, speed up immensely. If Avast even hints at becoming slower after this buyout, I'm finding a new antivirus. I have no loyalty.

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