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Comment Verified watcher? (Score 1) 480

Maybe coordinate with Fandango/Theater's to do what Amazon does for Verified purchases (Verified watcher). That way, you can filter out the unverified noise and see ratings from those who spent money to see it. Also, if you request a refund, you should void your Verified watcher status on your review. You can hurt them financially or publicly with a review, but not both.

Comment Takes way too long for Amazon to shut these down. (Score 1) 37

I accidentally ordered something 3rd party. They shipped it to a different state and I filed an A-Z claim after I saw to my horror, about a dozen people reporting the same thing. I got my money back, but it took Amazon over a month to shut down the account after I had my claim resolved. Meanwhile, reviews were popping up several times a day claiming to be scammed by the seller. I joked about becoming a scam seller so I could get free money from anyone not filing a claim. But yea, over a month of daily orders going south to close an account? Not cool. I don't mind ordering 3rd party, but they had better have several good reviews over a long period of time.

Comment Generic Party doesn't apply to all. (Score 3) 85

"To Democrats, it's the only way to stop the likes of AT&T, Comcast, Charter or Verizon from blocking competing services or charging media companies for faster delivery of their content." Not just to Democrats - pretty much anyone who understands networks just how evil these non-competing, money-stealing, progress-inhibiting ISP's can be.

Comment I'm pretty sure.... (Score 0) 88

I'm fairly certain a person in a high position stating they are comfortable with the failure of something means a few things: 1) It has already failed. But things in the market can fail very quickly or slowly. This appears to be a slower failure. 2) They have accounted for and have plans for how to deal with the failure. 3) They're positioning themselves so their customers aren't shocked when it completely fails, but leaves open the possibility that it might not fail.

Comment Re:Start twisting (Score 1) 292

Let me be the first! (kind of). "bringing broadband to all Americans". Why not just leave it at that? Why did he play the race, gender, religion, sexual orientation cards? Seems kind of fruitless to throw random political buzzwords in there, but then again, maybe people really don't understand what "all Americans" means.

Comment Re:Make the speaker icon blink (Score 2) 122

Well, now ads and such will be playing background static noise. Those tiny hisses and other barely-audible noises your motherboard makes will be recorded and played back by ad companies to get around this. So now everyone can enjoy hunting down why their $300 speaker system is generating noise it shouldn't, when it's really an obnoxious ad.

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