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Comment ...except for the biggest one. (Score 1) 46

"we virtually eliminated many types of streaming errors." - except, you know, the issue of the video stopping playback in the middle of watching because it won't buffer the remaining video. It's the *only* issue of playback I've had for years. Recently, youtube started blaming connection problems, but everyone knows that isn't the issue at all. Anyone else experience errors being fixed? Because I've only had 1 and it isn't fixed.

Comment uh-oh... (Score 3, Insightful) 104

I'm an AVAST user. For years, AVG has been well-known to bring good computers to their knees. I specifically remember an entire classroom of computers slowing to a near stand-still because AVG initiated a scan. Presentations had to be halted, etc... For years afterward, every computer that had AVG was very slow and when switched to AVAST, speed up immensely. If Avast even hints at becoming slower after this buyout, I'm finding a new antivirus. I have no loyalty.

Comment Re:FM radio's last gasp? (Score 4, Insightful) 340

When the power goes out or you are stuck in the wilderness or there's some other lack of Internet infrastructure, I prefer to not have my critical source of information handicapped because of someone else's greedy hands. If the hardware is there, ENABLE IT. If the hardware is there in other countries DONT REMOVE IT specifically for other countries. I'm looking at you, Samsung Galaxy S3 (Europe version has FM radio, US does not)

Comment I'd still blame Yahoo. (Score 1) 121

I'd still blame Yahoo for allowing this sort of thing. I've been warning people for MONTHS now to 100% stop using their search engine because random search results will redirect to a bogus Microsoft support virus infection message. It's a little difficult to train users to hover over the link and ignore the first 75 characters to see where it is actually pointing to- assuming they have the link details at the bottom.

Comment grr (Score 4, Insightful) 496

Yet another case of holding people who have absolutely NOTHING to do with this situation asking to be held responsible for the actions of another. Why don't we hold the person responsible for this... responsible? And before you say "Why does snapchat even have this filter?". Ever heard of passengers? It's the same reason why locking out the phone while driving doesn't work (n-1) people in a vehicle/boat. I for one don't want a stupid world where people not responsible for a situation are responsible.

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