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Comment "Influenced election". (Score 4, Insightful) 119

So Fake News is the culprit for influencing the election? Fake news has *always* influenced the election. Anywho, I know of at least one person who offered their opinion on Facebook (that doesn't necessarily follow social views) and linked to articles supporting their opinion. Their account has been banned from posting for 60 days. Based on this, It's not necessarily fake news the puppet masters are after. It's censorship. America. Land of the Censored, Home of the Unaware.

Comment Here's our chance! (Score 2) 229

If Nikon, Sony, and Canon (for example) handled it like the MPAA, we'd end up with: the encryption can only legally be unlocked on licensed products (in certain countries) and don't allow making copies of the files. Instead, you'll need to buy a license per-format to export it to the file you want, such as an iPhone or an HD TV. Ensure that the file can only be exported in the country the license was purchased in and may not be moved to another country. Make some kind of claim of "you're not really buying our camera's - you're buying a license to use them" - then sue for 10x the actual damages for any studio/reporter/etc that makes copies, backups, or anything else related to making a film that infringes on the license.

Comment Re:I call nonsense on their conclusion. (Score 1) 69

Conclusion: "That really suggests that yes, blind individuals appear to be doing math with their visual cortex,"

Algebra calls for pattern recognition... and the visual cortex is VERY good at pattern recognition.

uhh..? You called nonsense on their conclusion, then basically restated their conclusion.

Comment This is easy. (Score 1) 199

Prioritize all my traffic. The only people who will have a problem with this are those who don't know how to prioritize their traffic. This creates a "The haves VS. the have-nots" situation, which is beneficial to society by creating frustrations, schisms, anger, delays, and potentially loss-of-life as e911 systems aren't prioritized by those who don't know how. Or, you know, we could keep the Internet EXACTLY as-is, which fosters incredible growth, economy, and anyone has the chance to be the next big thing

Comment There's only 1 reason. (Score 1) 61

There's only 1 reason for this - and it is NOT to alleviate confusion of consumers. Instead, it's to help prevent them from ASKING in the first place. Why would the customer ask about something they can't see and thus, aren't made aware of? It's pretty close to a bait-and-switch in my opinion, in that the customer thinks they are getting one thing, and are really getting another. I'd wager there "y" series is a little more expensive than it ordinarily would be too. /end rant.

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