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Comment Re:What about Google? (Score 1) 276

Mod up please RE google. Also I read a few blogs (sorry no references, look it up) about people moving away from Windows Azure because of ridiculously high costs for small/medium sized sites which are free on app engine! Hence some traffic coming from dotnet guys.

I am anxiously waiting to see how this fight turns out. I am going to start teaching some open-source tools and langs soon. Nothing closed, no Microsoft technologies. Harder, yes, but with App Engine the sky's the limit i think.

Submission + - 2nd most popular search term at Bing is Google (

fishermonger writes: Of course. An article in, lists the most popular search terms in Google, Bing and Yahoo, and reveals insights about the net's users. For example many users would rather search for facebook or myspace than type it at the addressbar with CTRL+ENTER. But only Bing users put "" and "" in the top 10 list. Partner with Bing and get customers like that for your site.

Submission + - Suggestions for Linux-friendly digital camcorder?

stoomart writes: I've never had a camcorder before but now that my wife and I have a new baby girl, I want to start capturing her life in digital videos along with the mass of digital pictures we already have.

Here are the only criteria I'm looking for.

- Able to directly connect via USB or Firewire (preferably USB but not required)
- Use non-optical storage (flash or hard drive)
- Be compatible with Linux/OSS
- I would like to stay around or under $300

For everything else, I'm up for suggestions.

Thanks, Stoo

Submission + - How Apple will convert HFS to ZFS (

An anonymous reader writes: The biggest problem with a new file system like ZFS is the conversion. Backup and restore? I don't think so. StorageMojo has a quick overview of the recent Apple patent application "Converting file-systems that organize and store data for computing systems". You don't move the files, you just change out the file system underneath them. Very neat.

The money quote:

The converter reads the existing file system to find out where all the files are on disk. Then it creates a new set of data structures, such as a catalog and file extents, for the new file system. After verifying the new data structures, the converter can then replace the first file system by modifying the disk's partition map and and overwriting the volume headers of the first file system.
The patent talks about embedding the converter in iTunes, but StorageMojo speculates Apple may be playing a deeper game to ultimately challenge Windows on non-Apple hardware.


Submission + - Should Google Groups develop a ratings system? (

noahgift writes: "In this article. I talk about why I think Google Groups should develop a rating system for each user. Basically any user should be able to rate another user as helpful or unhelpful. In turn this would then be the basis of a group rating system. What do the slashdot readers think? Is it time to start rating the bad and good behavior on mailing lists?"

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