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Comment Re:Also Apple has the problem that it sells fashio (Score 1) 432

I can assure you that Apple does not see this fashionability as a problem. On the contrary, Apple assiduously uses fashion to both create and retain customers, and has been doing so since their beginning. Fashion is perhaps what Apple understands and other device makers who would sell their first-born for nine million unit sales in a weekend emphatically do not. That said, if you think that the cohesiveness and stickiness of the Apple ecosystem is just fashion, I have a poop-coloured zune to sell you. Someday, people will understand that consumers don't know what the specs on phones even mean, they just want a device that's priced within reach, looks cool, and works well for their needs.

Comment Re:Biggest tight wad of all time (Score 1) 324

I've often thought that the USA way of taxing is a lot better than the Canadian way. In the US, money that you really don't deserve (inheritance, lotteries, etc.) is taxed quite hard but the money that you earn or invest (to create jobs) is not. In Canada, it is the reverse - lottery wins and other winfalls are not taxed at all but the money you actually earn is way, way over taxed.

first off you should do some research on the canadian taxation system. you will note that canadian income taxes are not much higher (and are lower in many brackets) unless you are making over $100,000; that corporate taxes are significantly (more than 10 points) lower; and that universal healthcare is included in the deal. the pension plan is also fully funded and the banking system is the strongest in the world. lottery wins, estates, and other windfalls are taxed quite heavily in canada as well. however, the size of the US debt, deficit, income disparity, and unemployment rate certainly point to an enlightened taxation system south of the border.

Submission + - Two Story, 16 ft. Graphical Waterfall® (

PevnickDesign writes: This late generation model is on permanent display in the Oakland Mall, in Guatemala City, Guatemala. This display was raised high into the architecture of the mall and mounted parallel to an elevator. This installation is 12 feet wide and over two stories tall.

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