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Comment Re:We could learn a lot from PharmD's (Score 1) 349

This serves as a very important lesson to techies everywhere -- even if you don't form a "union", which I think wouldn't work, we need to work together to stop things like H-1B abuses, offshoring of critical work, and rampant incompetency in the software and systems "profession." I've said it before, IT people and developers need to pool their resources, set up an engineering-style profession, and buy a few favorable laws.

This of course implies that you can effectively control offshoring for an activitiy that does not require physical presence in your country ("coding") to a pharmacy. Around here selling of most drugs is actually only permitted in person. Most unions specifically concern professions that operate in a physically restricted market. If your job can just plainly leave your country or continent, what you are describing is basically counterproductive. The kind of laws that you want to lobby for are benefits for IT people and companies (free and better education of talent, tax exempts. research grants, start-up funding, etc.)

Comment Re:Hutchison has been offering this for a while (Score 1) 25

No. Background / summary: Based on the package that I have, national calls, texts and data traffic is free -- up to some high number that I never reach. What this deal allows, is to consume parts of your package abroad without additional cost. It does however not change your "country of origin" so to say. So I can make callsto / text some at home and use data for free. Newer contracts allow precisly this (= completely free calls/texts within all EU three networks) but do so at an additional cost. Data is usually not included. Since roaming for calls and texts (within the EU) is dirt cheap nowadays anyway, this is not an attractive option :)

Comment Hutchison has been offering this for a while (Score 2) 25

See This has been available from national providers that are part of Hutchison for a while (covering parts of the EU, etc.). Depending on your precise conditions the US are included as well (partners being AT&T or T-Mobile). So considering the big picture this is not really big news. Unfortunately *my* local provider canceled the service for new customers which is basically the reason why I am never going to switch to one of their new packages.

Comment Bitcoin Central is NOT a bank or PSP (Score 1) 84

As usual the summary is incorrect. But then so is the BBC article and it also vastly simplifies the regulatory framework defining what it means "to operate as a bank" (or even a PSP) -- anybody with more than a month within the finance industry could have told them that. There are various types of bank licenses for different kinds of businesses that very clearly define what you are allowed to do and under what kind of regulations. The term "bank" is too imprecise in that regard. But anyway, Bitcoin-Central is neither a PSP nor a bank and they have put up the corresponding clarification on their website: "In short, Paymium is neither a bank, nor a PSP. And it doesn't need to be."

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